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  1. Hi Mike,

    What kind of turbo will you be using for this project?

    As I'm working for MHI Turbochargers and responsible for special projects and performance market. Maybe you can test one of our units. As I would like to see one of our units on a Esprit. If you can inform what kind of power you are looking for and what the dimensions of the manifold exit are. I maybe have something nice for you.


  2. Not true, a small GT2876 R will put out enough air for 280-480 in a 2 ltr. package with proper chargecooling

    No not really, the GT2876 R, is a 20 year old design, and will most certanly not outperform the EVOX unit.

    Although i know 300+ hp from a 2 liter is possible with a nice torque curve, you also need a nice base engine

    preferrably with DI and ~1000 degC EGT. On which the GT2876R will melt.

    I do think the EVOX unit would be a very nice solution for the new Elise.

    300hp all aluminium L4, easiliy tunable to 350 hp.

  3. Of course he used the brand, well he was given the rights to use it wasn't he!

    Don't think so, he was give the rights to use the name Lotus, not the brand,

    - A name is just the spelling of Lotus.

    - A brand is the history, name, logo, colors, and the right to licence parts of it to other company's for commercial bennefits.

    This is wat Proton did, allowed TF to use the Lotus name, not the brand. They can use the name not the heritage.

    That's why they did not use the Lotus ACBC logo last year. Now that TF has bought the team Lotus name, again he

    has to ask Groupe Lotus to use the logo, as the original Team Lotus has also "bought" the licence to use the logo.

    TF has 2 things the licence to use the Lotus name for 5 years, and the right to use the team Lotus name.

    So as soon as Renault can change their name into Lotus, the ACBC logo will be on the front and the UK country flag can be used.

    The business case for TF is over. Only change for TF is if Group Lotus will run short of money to run in F1 before he does.

  4. There is no way that the new Esprit, selling at well north of $100,000 USD, will be built with anything less than a V8. It's not about technological "common sense" so much as "perception, perception, perception."

    Porsche turbo - Flat 6 twin turbo

    Nissan GTR - V6 twin turbo (Cosworth technology)

    Lotus 98T - V6 twin turbo

    Lotus Esprit Sport 300 - L4 turbo

    Fisker Karma - L4 turbo

    Lancer EVO X - L4 turbo

    Brabham BT55 BMW - L4 turbo

    All F1 cars from 2013 on

    Anything with more than 8 cylinders or above 4000cc just feels old fashioned nowadays,

    I like the idea of a Subaru flat six based engine.

  5. Doesn't disprove my point, economies of scale. Fiat use Ferrari engines in various forms and tunes across their high end marques and they don't all say Ferrari on their intakes. If Lotus wants to build their own engine, great. Rarely does a bespoke engine pay off over a few thousand cars with a commitment to supply parts for at least 10 years (Fed regs) and hit the moving emissions targets. How many Esprits do they want/expect to sell? It seems better business to port out your engine to other platforms/marques (Lotus to Lexus?) or adapt another for your own purpose. Silly me, I'm still trying to save Lotus money.

    Like Lamborghini, better to increase production volumes by using your Lambo engine in large Audi's (A8, R8), than using a large Audi engine in your Lambo.

    Lotus might sell their new Esprit engine to Renault, Toyota, etc..

    Also as the engine will be used throughout the complete model range, there will be some economy of scale.

    My prefference, a 3.5 V6, which can be used in any variations between 300hp transversal non turbo in the new Elan, to enlarged bore 600hp 4.0 LP twin turbo in the Esprit, Elite and Eterne.

  6. If I was a Bentley fan, Williams F1, Ferrari or Coca-Cola,

    Should I be allowed then to start a,

    Bentley F1 team.

    Williams sportscar company,

    Ferrari airplanes, or red home applicances with a horse logo

    Coca Cola, candy (Which will taste horrible)

    I understand that Tony was righted to licence the name for some years. But this is obviously a big mistake by Proton. If you have a brand and logo you should protect it with your life as it's the most valuable asset in your company, and should never allow somebody else controlling it. How good their intensions might appear.

    Why can't Tony put something of a Brabham or Tyrell logo on his cars. Mr Brabham and Tyrell where equal passionate racers as Tony is now. I don't see any unique points that makes Tony more of a Lotus guy than Brabham or Tyrell guy.

  7. Is there anyone who thinks Dany Bahar would have stepped into F1 if Tony Fernadez would not have formed the Lotus Racing team, or bought the team Lotus rights. Should Bahar have taken the risk that the team of Tony was to become so big that all the Lotus fans would have bought Lotus F1 merchandise opposed to Group Lotus merchandise.

    The big mistake of this all was Proton providing the rights to Tony to use the Lotus name. It's best for the brand if Tony sticks another badge on its cars asap.

  8. I Agree that the Malaysian team has the right passion and spirit, but so does many other teams, and that doesn't make them Lotus.

    Although I like the outfit of Tony Fernandez, I would only regard them as the official Lotus team if they would be part of the Group Lotus.

    As McLaren en Ferrari are saying to be able to run a F1 team on the long run you need to build roadcars to fund your racing,

    and make the most of the brand value, what are Team Lotus going to do, start a small car brand somewhere in Norfolk?

    Somewhere in Proton / Malaysian government they made some not so clever mistakes.

    Again Danny should have used all his marketing money on buing a stake in Tony's team.

    And let Tony run the team. Opposed to spend marketing money on some strange arty short films, IndyCar, LMP etc...

  9. Not so tough,

    As long as there is no real team Lotus (Official Group Lotus F1 team from Norfolk, not a Malaysian team with yellow and green paint or Renault with black and gold livery)

    I still cheer for McLaren and Williams. Current Lotus wannabees are not sustainable, one stops being Lotus F1 when they run out of the 30mil and the other is again just

    a Malaysian car with yellow and green paint.

    Real Team Lotus is the racing outfit on the other side of Potash lane,

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  10. Yes you are right about the Cayenne,

    But this could only being developed together with the VW Touareg.

    For Porsche to develop the system of their own would have being hugly expensive.

    With the VVT platform you can have cost reduction of carry over parts, but only on chassis.

    You still need to develop all the electric and car specific bits aswell as a complete validation

    incluiding all the VVT bits.

    Still i think Lotus can make money with a simmilar cash cow like the cayenne,

    only they need to team up with another OEM. Maybe something like a

    GM Carlton project.

  11. @GKP

    Lotus might not made profits over the last 20 years or so,

    but I don't think that the market segment or the car line up had to much to do with that.

    Inefficient production would be more likely to have resulted in losses.

    Altough they could have used a Esprit replacement and maybe an MX-5 opponent for the volumes.

    Most certanly trying to compete with Ferrari and Lamborghini will not change the profitability

    it will most likely result in big losses, way more than ever made.

    To be able to create a Ferrari or Lambo competitor you need huge amount of development costs

    also they way Dany is handeling marketing is not the cheap option. But what would be

    most costly is that they don't have the low cost purchasing of systems like Ferrari with Fiat

    or Lambo with VAG their BOM cost would extremely high.

    The power of Lotus is/was to create lightweight cars without the need of expensive systems.

    The lack of heated massage seats, 5 zone climate control with air humidifier, will save huge amount of costs.

    Which car do you think Porsche is making the most money, most probably the

    911 RSR, less car for more money.

  12. Let Lotus Group run a Indycar programme under the Team Lotus banner,

    and let Fernandez run in Formula 1 under the LotusF1 racing banner.

    That way all problems are solved.

    Lotus has the rights to the Team Lotus and original lotus logo.

    And spend less money as required for F1.

    Fernandez can run in F1 as the Lotus representative,

    and spend all the money he likes on engineering and not on legal counsellors.

  13. I think if you change the following stuff it will be at least worth an extra GBP 2000,- / 3000,-

    - Gear shift knob to original wood

    - Instrument pannel to preferrably the veglia monoblock, or to an S2 panel

    - Steering wheel to the original S1 or S3 or a more classic unit

    - And some wolfrace rims.

    I don't think the spoiler change will be worth the effort

  14. Basically I think Bahar was ok with the LotusF1 outfit of TF. (Nice free publicity)

    And I don't think it was the intention of Bahar to get involved in F1 with a Renault sponsor deal in the first place.

    The problems started when TF/ LotusF1 stated that they would run next year under the Team Lotus

    banner with the Lotus logo. That would mean that there we 2 original Lotus company's existing.

    Both with the same logo's.

    That would create a situation that 2 parties will have the rights on the same logo and the control

    over the logo benefits. For a marketing man like Bahar (Or any other businessman), this is not acceptable.

    Both will be trying to get profit out of merchandise, licensing. Special way to expensive trackday specials. etc...

    For Bahar a logo is the most valuable asset of a company. In marketing example,

    when you can choose between all the McDonalds restaurants in the world bare the logo or

    just the Logo. The restaurant owner will be bankrupt in a week, while the Owner of the

    logo will be multi millionaire in the same time.

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