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  1. IMHO,

    The styling is quite O.K. Not good enough for + 100k car though.

    But the main item that makes the car a non Lotus is the ridiculous engine and the weight.

    How on earth can they put a old fashioned 5.0 V8 with a compressor in a Lotus,

    in stead of reducing the weight to lower than 1200kg figures and using some nice 300 hp 2ltr turbo

    at entry level. And a 3.0 ltr V6 with twin turbo at 500hp at top of the range.

    Also they better make a full 4 seater out of this one as to differentiate from the Evora.

    How can you explain the difference of a 60k Evora 2+2 and a Elite 2+2 with little more room

    that's twice the price. Maybe wit a full 4 seater i see 90k as the maximum.

    Also I fully agree with the Sniff Petrol article

  2. Hi Chris,

    I have showed the pictures to our Turbocharger claim and sample investigators.

    (Although I work for a different turbo mfg than Garrett, with this error the brand don't matter)

    And the engineers have never seen this before, the thought for them where that

    as the material was blocking your wastegate channel, the material could not have com from

    the catalyst side. Also they say that a shotblasting material can get a bit magnetized

    by metal pickup with the blasting process. So that would be the only explanation.

    They agreed that casting core material or T/H manifold material was ruled out.

  3. Hi Christopher,

    Some thoughts,

    - It can't be manifold or any other casted metal, as

    the ball shapes can't be formed in the casting process.

    - It can't be part of the casting core as this has

    a way denser grain, (Also it's non magnetic)

    - As you say packaging material is also ruled out,

    as this is most surely non magnetic.

    I agree with the catalyst material, that's the most likely source.

  4. Main focus of the MP4-12C is on the technical side.

    I'm sure it will beat all direct competitors like the 458 Italia

    new Gallardo, 911GT2 and even higher placed cars like the

    Murcielago, Enzo, and new Pagani, not only on speed around a track

    but also on practicallity and reliability. (IMHO)

    Basically the best available since the Esprit went out of production.

  5. I think electric cars are a bit of a dead end due to the issues regarding cost in monetary terms and to the environment (batteries are horrific things) and the issues regarding recharging. Biofuel cars are already experiencing a massive backlash due to the immense collateral damage on the environment of producing the required crops. My opinion is that if current green trends continue, Hydrogen cars will kill electric cars stone dead in about 5/10/15 years.

    I think alternative issues should also be considered, in particular reducing the Cd of cars and reducing the rolling resistance. While energy recovering devices are also nice, I can't see these being mainstream, although I don't really know why.

    Lotus have always seemed to be willing to embrace new technology and be at the fore of development, and I hope this continues and is supported by their time in F1.

    A Hydrogen car is an electric car,

    There is no difference as where the base power is originating from.

    Batteries opposed to Fuel cells are more easy to recharge.

    Especially as one non automotive development is that in the near future

    people will have smalll powerplants at their home, first based

    on natural gas which drives a electric generator, and in the future on you waste (biomass)

  6. 1) What are your opinons on alternative powersources?

    After current trend of downsizing and Hybrids, Electric drive with range extender will be surely the

    next step. (Combining better fuel efficicency, option for electric charging at home, and all

    the current comforts of refuelling with ordinary petrol or diesel in 5minutes)

    Lotus is showing it believe in this next step as they launched their range extender.

    The extender should be able though to provide 100% of its power request without the

    use of charging at home. A small gasturbine generator would be the ultimate Lotus solution.

    Just like an Aircraft APU, small, lightweight, high power, and a nice futuristic exhaust sound.

    2) Are you concerned that due to these changes are Lotus going to lose what makes them special and why?

    They can stay unique in their driving experience, lightweight concepts and revolutionary techniques.

    3) What would like form future Lotus'?

    The best driving experience, lightweight concepts and revolutionary techniques.

    4) And, now with Lotus entering Formula 1 what affect do you think this will have on their road cars?

    Should boost the brand recognition in the new markets.

    It can help as long as they don't make any stupid mistakes or be to far off target.

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