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  1. I am going to do a complete body off restoration on a 1979 John Player Special. As the restoration goes along, I will need bits of information. My first request is.....does anyone know the weight of the body? The windshield will stay in and all the interior will be removed. Thank you.
  2. Guys, Thanks for the input. I am on my way to gather more information...... Jim
  3. Mark, Do you have the race history on these early cars? Tracks raced and results...... Thank you, Jim
  4. Hello, I am looking for photos and written information on the Racing Lotus Esprit. I want to ad these to a book that I have been putting together for the last two years. I have covered the Lotus cars in the US, Holland and Australia. I need early Racing Esprit's, 1976-1988. Please send photos and information to: [email protected] Thank you, Jim Pennington
  5. If you can recall, Lotus raced the Esprit in the SCCA and IMSA series. The cars were almost bullet proof. I am sure that problems did crop up but each was solved. The rules only allowed the cars to balance the engines. To keep the series competitive weight limits were adjusted. Later on better brakes and eventually bigger tires were allowed. Lotus did well in the beginning. Actually, to well. Restrictions, such as smaller turbos and added weight hurt the cars. I think overall, the Esprit faired well against the Corvette and the Porsche 911. Don't forget money speaks volumes. The more a manufac
  6. I looked at your Esprit pages. I am very interested in the dyno horsepower/torque results. Contact me off the [email protected], Jim
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. The S300 turbo...What size is it? Has it been modified? Boost pressure? The engine in the photo I put in my post has 440 HP. Can this be a reliable figure?....Jim
  8. I am looking for information on the horse power and torque rating for the 4 cylinder car. Does any one actually have a dyno sheet they can share with me? I am more interested in the 4 Cylinder turbo information. I have figures that are all over the board. What is the highest reliable horsepower and torque output? What is the best 0-60 times? How about the best 1/4 mile time? How about the best gear ratio? Thanks.....Jim B)
  9. Thanks, I will give this a try......Jim B)
  10. I need some help. I have a 1986 Bosch Fuel Injected Turbo. The problem is that it hesitates at low RPM. This happens when pulling away for a stop light. It seems to happen at 1500-3000 RPM. When the engine is past the 3000 RPM mark, it clears up. Could it be timing?, fuel starvation?, Fuel pressure? (new fuel pumps this summer), The idle speed is 950 RPM. This condition happens when hot or cold.......Thanks, Jim
  11. I cannot believe 82%. I work around this every day........hum......where are my school books......need to study........... Jim
  12. proracer


    Hello Wayne, do you have more photos of the racing Esprit? Did it win a championship? Thanks....Jim
  13. I need some information on the turbo used on the 1990-1993 Esprit. I understand that it is a T3 and is used with the charge cooler. During these years, the SE and the X180R were used in many races in the states and in Europe. I am looking for information on the maximum safe horsepower and torque that can be used in a race car. The engine was the 2.2 litre. If any one has that information, please send it to me. If you have dyno sheets,please include a copy........Thanks, Jim
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