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  1. Last place I expected to spot one.The beach carpark at Tratanto soth east Sardinia near Carbonia,last Saturday! Before I had a chance for a closer look it had gone (I was soaking up some rays!) .But it was red G (fairly sure!)car with a wing.Its rear number plate was dark yellow but not UK.It looked realy odd lined up with all those Puntos and Clios!Anyone on here? Paul.
  2. Thats the place,dont get that way often these days!But it was a good day for a blast down the A120.
  3. In a car sales yard, A reg S3 N/A with sun roof for
  4. Hi,also dont forget to resilicone it before pop riveting otherwise it will leak. Be careful not to trim the rail too close to the chrome bit or water will get in and discolour it as I found out!I actually slid my rails in the slot by the hinges,front to back,if you see what I mean!Hope this is not too late,only just saw the thread. Cheers Paul.
  5. Could be the cowling covering the heater blower is not sealing tight enough and letting air through into the hole in the bulkhead that gives access to the heater hoses,this is just above your feet.I assume it should have some sort of blanking grommet.Mine didnt and I sealed it with gaffer tape as the hole is about 75mm across by memory. Paul.
  6. I replaced mine a few years back,it is almost identical to those fitted to a Lotus Sunbeam Talbot which is where I got mine from, so I assume any other similar vehicle to that with a hatch could be the same.Mind you they are just as rare as Esprits these days!But more likely to be found in a scrap yard.Only a minor mod to the bar that operates the catch is required if I remember correctly! Good luck Paul. There is a club that races the Sunbeams and they remove the locks when modifying them,I believe.Could be worth a web search.
  7. Sorry guys,was hoping to meet you all but cant make it this time.I will keep an eye on the forum for next time.As my heater is useless I would probably have died from hypothermia on the way anyway and I am having trouble engaging the four wheel drive also,that is what the lever is on the arm rest isnt it??! Cheeres Paul.
  8. Cats used my old cover as a scratching post on all four corners,had to stand wooden blocks in the way! Havnt touched the new one though,perhaps because they are both ex cats now! Paul.
  9. Thanks James for the offer,I may take you up on it but as yet havnt decided when to go.I will have a long chat with them on the phone first, I need some figures! Cheers Paul.
  10. I will go along with the brilliant cover bit, but when I got my second one last year I had to send it back twice as it was too small and they had to put inserts in! No I havnt got an ironing board on the back and a roo bar at the front either! All said and done they were most apologetic and the alterations were done very quickly. Paul
  11. Thanks,thats the name I was after. Cheers Paul.
  12. Hi all,I went to the Hemingham Hall car show last August and was recommended a mechanic in the Newmarket area who is well up on Esprits,of course I have now lost the note! Any ideas as to who it could be? I am sure I will recognose the name. Cheers Paul.
  13. Ohms law !!!! I left college in 1970 and have just taken early retirement to get away from formulas,regulations and especially Health and Safety GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! No the problem with auto electrics is methods of switching etc, which are not permissable at higher voltages.And I never did get to grips with power generation especially where no load is present on 3 phase systems! Lucky the Esprit is not positive earth!!... (or perhaps somebody has got a special edition!!) Cheers Paul.
  14. I have noticed a variation when revving the engine,but only slight.I assume that the alternator is charging OK as I normally have no trouble starting, or any other electrical problems,except the rear screen heater not working but who uses it anyway??!! I tend to lean towards a miscalibration.I noticed yesterday that after starting the gauge climbed to 13v and stayed there for half an hour before dropping back to 12.5v,I assume this is after it has replaced the drain put on by starting. Cheers.(You wouldnt believe that I am an electrician,industrial and domestic,never could understand the peculiarities of car elactrics!)
  15. Thanks Andy, I used a digital meter this morning and got these readings from the battery-- Ignition off -- 13.3v On tick over -- 14.7v -- 13v on dash. Headlights on tick over --12.5v -- 11v on dash. The voltage rises with revs as you would expect back to 12.5v on the dash.But will go lower with more load. Belt and connections seem OK,havnt checked the dash volt meter connections yet though. This would seem OK to me assuming my digital meter is reading properly! I suppose the actual battery reading of 13.3v should be the baseline figure,what should a fully charged battery read?I have it in the back of my mind that 13.3v is about right. Cheers.
  16. Hi all,just a couple of small queries.Firstly I needed to charge up the battery as it had been standing for a couple of weeks outside and only done short runs before this ,so I took it off for an overnight charge,my question is that as I have a battery isolator switch on the positive of the battery is it OK to charge in situ if I undo the cell covers, to save the grief of removal? Secondly although I have owned the Esprit for 8 years I have never owned another car with a volt meter,so I am curious as to its correct operation.Under mormal running it settles to just under 13 volts,but if I put any sort of load on like main beams or heater fan flat out the needle drops to just above the red mark,but will eventually go back to 13 after turning them off,is this normal? Incidentally the battery is about a year old. Cheers Paul.
  17. I had a similar problem when I first got my Esprit,on close investigation the top of the expansion tank where it attaches to the main body had a pin hole leak on the joint obviously only visible at running temperatures,quickly cured with a bit of brazing. Cheers Paul.
  18. I was in the general classic car compound about two rows infront of the line of Lotus 7,s hiding next to an old Riley.Mind you I left as soon as the first heavy downpour started at about 1pm. as the forecast was bad! Paul.
  19. Just got back from the Helmingham Hall classic car show in Suffolk,and although there must have been around 50 assorted Lotii,Elises,Elans,7,s and Eclats etc.I only spotted about 5 Stevens in the East Anglian Lotus Club compound and not a single G car in the whole show apart from mine!!! I searched in vain,but it was nice to be different! Anyway it was my first visit to the show and I was mightily impressed by the number of classic vehicles on show(must have been at least 500) and the whole organisation. Cheers Paul.
  20. Thanks evryone for your suggestions,I am putting it all together before I go deeper! Bit slow to respond as I have had to use next doors computer as Microsoft have succeeded in putting mine out of commission until Monday.I have spent 10 hours on the phone to them so far and they have had control of it for 2 hours and still no luck! Glad I am not paying for it,what started as a minor query has snowballed and now I have to wait for the technician in India to come back to work in India on Monday!!!!!!! Interesting comment that about oil consumption,I always thought mine was too high! Cheers Paul.
  21. Cheers Mike,I didnt do it but will ask the question tomorrow.I have seen various figures on different threads and wanted to get an overall view before I phone Pete at PNM. Paul.
  22. Hi all,now I have taken early retirement I can spend more time with the car.My question is what should the compression be in the cylinders of an 84 LC Turbo? Had the engine rebuilt 5000 miles ago by PNM ,couple of new liners ,new rings,head done..valves reground etc.All cylinders are between 90 and 95 (cold),which to me seems a bit low. I use about a pint of oil every 900 miles and smokes alot on start up (even if I have only stopped for two minutes)and under hard acceleration,although some of that is unburnt fuel as it definitely runs a bit rich.Number two plug is a bit oily and they are all a bit black but no build up on the electrodes.So go on tell me the worse !!! By the way it smoked when I got it back and it goes like a train ,doesnt overheat,oil pressure spot on,not a single oil drip and starts first time with no choke and ticks over cold! Any thoughts appreciated..Paul.
  23. Thanks for that! All is revealed,I will check later today!
  24. wern

    Yellow V8 Colchester

    Yep thats the one! Trying the standing quarter across the reservoir I assume!! Watch out for the ducks! Cheers Paul.
  25. Thanks everyone for your input but the odd thing about my damage is that it not all round the belt so that really rules out rubbing and I have checked and nothing is close to it.Also the there are several little bits missing over a 6" section,it doesnt really look like road damage more like the belt is starting to break up!!! I have booked it in for a belt change and trying not to use it in the meantime, at least I will save on petrol! Also,pardon my ignorance, Troy, but why should the belt move while depressing the clutch,I havnt checked that yet? Cheers Paul.
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