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  1. oops first mistake , looks like i am on a single members page.   

  2. hey gang, I just bought this '78 US esprit. i am in Seattle Wa.  it needs a lot of love but it is mostly intact. it runs, drives, stops and it very rust free. the first thing i need is an engine cover for it. any leads ? 

    thanks , steve

  3. sandwer


  4. ...and likely to remain that way, I think. It has been a blast, but I've finally realised that I am not the snake hipped thirty-something I once was. Time, then, to stop putting a strain on the suspension, and to call time on my lotus ownership of twenty years. Started with a sublime Excel SE, two Esprit S3's and an S1 Elise. I watched my S3 get loaded onto a trailer this morning, and disappear around the bend. The strangest feeling, realising that I spent the first 30 years of my life working to get one, the next twenty maintaining and looking after it, and now to see all that work
  5. Buddsy, Congratulations. How long ago was it that you bought those machined inlets to the pub? Rich
  6. In 1994, I got my S3. One month later, the passenger side tank let go (ruined my drive - not sure what I was more upset about). Strattons isolated that tank, and since then I have run on one tank. I have a pair of steel replacement tanks that I have carted around with me since 1995 (I think they were the last ones from the factory) and every year I look at the car, and think, right, I'll get those tanks changed. Every year for the last 20 years I have thought that, and every year I have bottled it. Why? Because I helped a mate do his in 1996 and frankly, it is one of the most hellish
  7. Geir, it'd be the same in the UK. After the initial shock of finding the car with broken glass and without a steering wheel, I did contemplate a few things like that. Mostly electric shocks or a taser of some description, but also one of those devices that shopkeepers use for deterring teenagers from congregating. Thinking through the idea of a 'sonic attack' (Hawkwind, anybody?), isn't there a supposed to be a subsonic weapon, or am I thinking of that Kate Bush song? Mind you, if there was, that'd be one way of shaking loose those hitherto unmovable bolts we all come across. A subs
  8. At the end of last year, two thieving be-hooded ragbags tried to steal the Esprit. They failed, thankfully (I leave the battery disconnected) but their ingress left me with a bent driver's door frame, and broken door glass. That wasn't the whole story though. Once inside, they attempted the old 'wrench-the-wheel-to-break-the-steering-lock' trick and instead of the steering lock breaking like it might on your average 80's Ford, the steering wheel parted company with the column [*]. They actually managed to shear the splines off the top of the column! I'm not sure what this says about th
  9. @Graham, My apathy isn't directed at the working hours of the people in the classroom - I do know how hard they work from the same (often bitter, in my case) experience as you, so I'll retract 'teachers' as a generic term if that is OK - it is directed at the layer above them and I hope I was pointing out the irony of those that deny the leave having to pay full price. @Laura, yes - when I was taken out of school, I was given work to do in advance of the trip. I'd have rather gone to school. On the subject of the fines, I found this earlier clicky - I had no idea that it was
  10. Tony, so tempting to start sounding off on another rant....about my favourite subject - teachers (the original one-word oxymoron), so I won't and keep this to the facts. Like all dealings with a school, check what else is going on at the school at the same time as your requested holiday. For example, this year, the majority of sprog #4's 3rd form (I refuse to call it 'year x or y') are on a trip to disneyland paris. Hardly educational, and with 40 of the year on the trip, the remainder of the year aren't exactly going to be following vital curriculum, are they - so that would get a result
  11. Cyclists have brakes and steering, which is more than you can say for the inconsiderate ****s who take neddy out for a meander on public roads. Share and share alike when it comes to roads, and be considerate, but don't share the responsibility with me of having to second-guess and avoid a ton of barely sentient dog food that has no reliable brakes, lighting or steering. Sorry for the thread hijack, but I detest horses on roads. [*] On topic - yes it is too dangerous to cycle on the roads now. Even when you find a cycle lane of a decent width, it is full of dog cr*p and misaligned drain
  12. As a customer since they opened the Lotus dealership, it is nice to see them getting the credit they deserve. I'll add a +1 to that...... //R
  13. I'm curious about how such a renowned marketing expert can screw up the communications about the F1 involvement and announce [insert figure here] job losses in one week. But then again, I'm with Bill Hicks's rant on 'marketing', and a firm believer that incompetence finds it's own level. //R
  14. Just thinking laterally, and really, no offence intended to Excel owners, but there are some fairly cheap Excel SE's cropping up on ebay. Grab the engine, install and get running in your Esprit, and then sell the remains of the Excel back on ebay as a 'potential V8 conversion' project? Of course, I'm assuming that you have the ability/space/time to do that, but it might be a cost effective way of getting your hands on a HC lump, if that is the way you want to go.... //R
  15. Ah, thanks. Not quite what I'm after, but still very interesting all the same... //R
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