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  1. The metal part is a power transistor screwed onto something. Normally they are mounted to a heatsink to dissipate heat from switching loads or amplification. What is it mounted to and where do the wires to it end up ?
  2. jonroberts

    My Esprit S1 import finally arrives!

    Nope, can’t say I’ve noticed that.
  3. jonroberts

    My Esprit S1 import finally arrives!

    Hi Steve. Yes, they are a push fit into the tubes making up the two engine mounts. Its also possible to fit them 'in situ' with the engine still in the car, but needs a good raise of the rear end on sturdy axle stands plus some dexterity with your fingers and small tools to access the mounts as they have to be removed to fit the bushes in them.
  4. jonroberts

    My Esprit S1 import finally arrives!

    I do not recommend the poly bushes for the engine mounts in the early S1 setup. I replaced my (melted just like yours) replacement 'uprated' poly bushes for good old standard equipment rubber ones. Added a heat shield and all has been well for many years.
  5. jonroberts

    IWM Duxford Spring Car Show - Sunday 6th May 2018

    Ticket bought and downloaded, including the Display Pass. PM'd you the booking ref in case you need it. Cheers, Jon.
  6. jonroberts

    IWM Duxford Spring Car Show - Sunday 6th May 2018

    Hi Martyn, @JNW3 alerted me to this today - I’m away and no access to book the tickets until late tomorrow evening - any chance I can grab the last space please (S1 Esprit). Let me know. Ta. Jon.
  7. Thanks - that prompted me to check the markings on O-ring box that I used, and they weren't Viton, they are just marked as "Nitrile" which I believe is safe for brake fluid. Phew .. I'l see if I can edit my previous post to avoid mistakes . Nope, can't edit it.
  8. I dismantled the ones on my S1 without issue - had to, because they dripped fluid. I had Big Redd send me a seal overhaul kit which in the end also turned out to be the incorrect size. The important one (which prevents the fluid leaking out of the handbrake lever arm) is the O-ring underneath the plate of the arm. I think I just measured up and ordered a Viton ring of the size from the many suppliers on eBay.
  9. Could the “Eurostile Bold Extended” font be close enough if you have to scratch build the decal?
  10. jonroberts

    AccuSpark for Esprit S1 ?

    @philleech I see the Accuspark 'Stealth' black box is showing as discontinued on their website. I wonder why, seemed like a good product ?
  11. What about drilling it and wire locking in place at three or four points on the circumference ? Priming the pump can be done by removing the oil pressure sender pipe, putting the pipe end into a container to avoid spillage and spinning the engine on the starter until the oil flows out.
  12. Unless you intend to rebuild the head, I'd leave it alone for now. There is no value in removing it and refitting just for a look! Get it running and do a compression check (and possible a leakdown test if the compressions are low or unbalanced). I have the kit if you want to borrow them. Do pull the cam covers and check/adjust the valve clearances though - much, much easier with the engine on the bench and you are replacing the cambelt anyway.
  13. Ah, I didn't see the closing date at the bottom of that page :-(
  14. Hi Bibs, I registered for the show-n-shine online a few days ago but haven't had any email reply either..