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  1. AccuSpark for Esprit S1 ?

    @philleech I see the Accuspark 'Stealth' black box is showing as discontinued on their website. I wonder why, seemed like a good product ?
  2. What about drilling it and wire locking in place at three or four points on the circumference ? Priming the pump can be done by removing the oil pressure sender pipe, putting the pipe end into a container to avoid spillage and spinning the engine on the starter until the oil flows out.
  3. Unless you intend to rebuild the head, I'd leave it alone for now. There is no value in removing it and refitting just for a look! Get it running and do a compression check (and possible a leakdown test if the compressions are low or unbalanced). I have the kit if you want to borrow them. Do pull the cam covers and check/adjust the valve clearances though - much, much easier with the engine on the bench and you are replacing the cambelt anyway.
  4. Ah, I didn't see the closing date at the bottom of that page :-(
  5. Hi Bibs, I registered for the show-n-shine online a few days ago but haven't had any email reply either..
  6. I plan on taking my S1 to the Brands Hatch event, so if you want to see the Krypton Suede and can make it down, I'd be happy to show you.
  7. Excellent Dave ! Will you be driving to Brands Hatch?
  8. Looking brilliant, especially that chassis. Magnificent - you can eat you dinner off that !
  9. Come on then Fabian - we're desperate to see the new power coated bits - post some photos ! On the clutch slave I suppose it might make the pedal return a little slower due to the reduced flow, but just fit it and find out, you have plenty of other jobs to be getting on with now.. :-)
  10. 1982 Copper Fire Esprit restoration

    Beautiful! Love the colour..
  11. I used PastParts to rebuild my S1 brake master cylinder as they were no longer available. They had to remanufacture the piston as it was out of tolerance. I did have problems when bleeding the system as the piston would stick just before full retraction. I solved that by disassembling and using red rubber grease on the internals. If there was a new part available I'd probably have gone that route.
  12. 1977 S1 project Cheese Wedge

    Hi Braddock, just came across your posting - very lucky find and an original tartan interior too ! I'm with @Tony K on reverting to stock engine and fuel system - the S1 is hopelessly under-cooled from a engine ventilation and water cooling perspective. You will have a serious struggle getting it to run with a monster turbo in your climate. Even if you can, it will be a nasty place to sit in traffic. I love the work the previous owner did, but you will be adding significant value putting it back to standard given the cars rarity. Great colour, but then I'm biased Jon.
  13. Hot starting problems

    My car exhibits the same hot start issue as others have noted. Stops of short duration, like filling with petrol, are usually no issue, but a longer stop of 15-30 minutes typically results in what I believe is heat-soaking of the carbs and fuel vaporisation (also known as vapour-lock which makes the car difficult to start. I usually have to flood clear it by depressing the accelerator pedal to the floor and cranking for about 10 seconds where she splutters into life and needs a good rev to clear all the plugs. Then it takes about 5-10 minutes of driving before the drives 'normally' again. I put this down to the carbs consuming the hot fuel in the float chamber and being replenished with fresh cool(er) fuel from the tanks. Lotus clearly recognised an issue when they designed in the cooling 'ears' on the later cars and introduced the secondary air-box to suck cooler air away from the engine bay. My car has neither of these mods being an early S1. Regular petrol in the UK now contains something like 5% - 10% ethanol which makes the vaporisation problem even worse than it was in the 1970's with leaded petrol and no ethanol. Aviation piston engines can suffer from this phenomenon if run on regular petrol and inadequate fuel system cooling and for this reason most use 100LL (low lead content 100 octane) or 98UL (98 octane unleaded) is becoming more readily available. I might try filling the Esprit with a tank of 100LL next time I'm at an airfield and see if it makes any difference..
  14. I didn't want to expose myself to the cyanides in 2-pack (which I believe Raptor is) so did the POR-15 route but I completely agree its all in the preparation - and its a lot of work. Much better than powder coating in my opinion as a crack in the powder coat will ingress water and rust unseen. POR-15 will not crack and can be patch repaired simply in the event it ever comes off.