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  1. Hi, several years ago I upgraded F&R standard discs on my '90 esprit to EBC. The fronts were vented, grooved and drilled and the rears grooved and drilled. I now need replacements for the rears but it is proving impossible to find the EBC ones. They were originally listed as GDT180, the closest seems to be GD180 but these are for the 4 stud MG Metro. Currently waiting on a reply from EBC but wondered if anyone had any ideas/suggestions? It seems uprated rear discs in the standard size are very hard to find, fronts no problem!?! Many thanks Martin
  2. Yup, mines an NA. I've done some research and people in the US see to think the Petronix flame thrower is better than msd but I guess it depends on application and availability. Not wanting to dis msd. Now just need to find exactly which flame thrower will suit. All a bit of a mine field!
  3. She seems a bit lumpy at the moment, which the service and tune up may sort out but as the coil is the original I figured a new and upgraded one would be a good move. Yes spotted Dermot's MSD coil and thought that may be the route to go, just have to work out exactly which version I need!? Thanks for replies
  4. Having decided to get uprated leads, the next obvious and complimentary upgrade is the coil. Any recommendations out there, Flame thrower, MSD Blaster....? For a 1990 2.2 Non turbo Esprit Thanks
  5. Thanks Choppa and Filip for your help. Leads ordered and will give an update after fitting and tuning. Cheers
  6. Thanks Choppa, most appreciated. My coil lead is 20" with an angled fitting to the coil, would you mind seeing how that compares to yours?
  7. Just in case members haven't seen it, check out the events forum for info on a parade around Silverstone on 31st July. Worth being a member of Club Lotus. Would be great to see as many Esprit's (and Europa's as possible) Cheers Martin
  8. I'll be booking for Sunday, looking forward to it as previously it has been a great show with an incredible number of fantastic cars. Can't wait to lap Silverstone; Brooklands too! What a year! I'll be there in a white '90 Esprit NA Cheers
  9. Hi, I plan to upgrade my leads to Magnecor KV85 but can't seem to find a definitive answer online about which leads I need. Some retailers advise that mine are the same as Turbo and SE, others differ and the same for the Excel comparison. Mine's a '90 Esprit 2.2 NA Grateful for assistance Thanks Martin
  10. Great! Thanks Andy, the table shows exactly the info I needed, can't believe I didn't find it on LEW. I'll order the shocks for front and rear and do a report on here. Euro performance seem to be £104.49, Spax direct via ebay £99.99 Any other suggestions on where to buy from? Cheers Martin
  11. Hi, still struggling to find an alternative set of shocks for my '90 NA X180. The rears are starting to leak so I've researched on line and there is a gap on shocks that can be supplied up to '87 and then again from '92.What happened during this period!? Ideally I'd like to fit Spax adjustables which I can get for approx £100 a corner but don't want to take a pricey gamble. I see people have fitted them to '92 onward but I'm still unsure if they'll fit a '90. Grateful for thoughts and suggestions Cheers Martin
  12. Thanks Gert, not sure if I can stretch this far, tempting though it is and when I just checked they don't seem to be available anymore? Thanks for the heads up though, I'll keep it as an option Cheers Martin
  13. Hi, my rear shocks are starting to leak so need replacing and I am considering replacing with Spax front and rear so that I can dial in a lttle more softness as my driving style matches comfort more than speed (I must be getting old!) I have seen listings for '82-'85 and '92-'96 Esprits but mine is a '90. I have heard that they are all interchangeable but before I opt for the '92-'96 shocks I thought I'd seek knowledge and opinion. Thoughts and opions welcomed Thanks Martin
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