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  1. Why are the images posted by members not showing up on my computer? Should I have something"ckicked on " that I don't?
  2. I have a spare here in B.C. Canada...make me an offer.
  3. Basically it's contamination in the prepwork...possibly solvent popping.
  4. GVY nailed it. I use rigid foam as a backing for my paper. It allows me to do curved edges without sanding through the ctear.Take your time and all will be good.
  5. I'ts actually a pretty nice colour. I would go with a dark green or a cream interior with an accenting piping. and or double row of stitches in body colour
  6. I removed the headlight motor a few years I'm attempting to re-install it. Do you think I can remember how it went back in? NOT! I have mounted the motor itself( three bolts ) but can't figure out the linkage assembly. Can someone with an s2 send me a good photo of the linkage setup installed? you can email me at [email protected] Thanks guys. I found the diagram in the manual a bit confusing. Paul
  7. I looked into this option a while back. Found that there is no room to mount the hardware, at least so it would look " right " Gull wing doors on the other hand will work but some stiffining on the roof will be in order to handle the weight. Best bet here would be to make two new doors from carbon fibre. If you know how to make molds that is.
  8. Same here. I replaced them with the UHMW ones these are self oiling as well. I made them up on my CNC router
  9. Try Gerry Foley in Tacoma Washington...He has made all kinds of parts for me. He also has moulds. [email protected]
  10. I have a vinyl cutter here at home and can cut anything you want. Problem is I don't have any dimmensions to follow. If you can get me some pics and widths/ lengths for the stripes I can do this for you no problem Take care Cheers Paul
  11. Anyone in Canada have a rear hatch from a series one esprit for sale? email me at [email protected]
  12. Here's the scoop on crane cams EI... Mosel XR 700. You need to use 1.5 ohms of primary resistance as long as it is used in conjunction with a 1.2 to 1.9 ohm external ballast resister. Or you can use a coil with 3.0 ohm primary resistance without an ext. ballast resister. This from Crane Cams directly.
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