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    Esprit S3 - Elise 250S KT
  1. Hey Bibs, you have make a little mistake in your list. Please look at post 290 I have not a turbo and the year is 1986 not 1983 thanks olli
  2. SCC085912GHH10655 1986 S3 - black Germany - Offenbach
  3. For daily use, I think, a BMW or Audi or Mercedes is a very good choice, but for the lovely days I prefer a British Sports Car. I don
  4. so landet jeder frueher oder spaeter hier in diesem Forum Willkommen gruss olli
  5. Yes, while driving. I think it will come anywhere under the steering wheel. It has 40mm diameter and 35mm long.
  6. o.k.: here they are one great week in the switzerland mountains with the esprit. 2000 km and not a really problem Esprit Switzerland olli
  7. Question: This little piece felt down to my feet and I have no idea, where it come from and I can not found, where this will be missed. any idea? The car runs quite normal. (I hope so) thank you Picture_01 Picture_02 sorry, I am not able to link the pictures direkt
  8. Thank you Jean! Yes I wonder about the turbo side spoilers too, but the previous owner said, they are at the car, when he has bought it and the owner before has said the same to him, and this was nearly 20 years ago. The assembly of them look very professionell, so this is o.k. - and no my Esprit has not the HC engine. Yes, the MR2 was a pretty good car, all of them... but the Lotus is really an enhancement, each of them!!! good luck for your S1 project!!! ebenfalls Gr
  9. Hi, I want to find out the correct ignition timing with the help of a flash light, but I don
  10. Thank you very much Ed!! The scenery is in Switzerland and yes, it
  11. Thank you very much for this warm welcome!! I don
  12. This is the Newbies forum. So is it interesting to read the story of a lotus driver and lover? Who is interested will read and smile about my excellent English. I am just
  13. sure!!! So I will know, what I will expect... :crybaby: .
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