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  1. Er, GKP yes and yes. It's all about expectations, obviously everyone has a different set and it seems plenty of people have them sufficiently fulfilled by the S3T. That's great, Im happy that people are happy. No doubt the largely joyless experience of Esprit ownership has finally affected my will to continue with it. I strongly suspect that I would have come to the same opinion about the engine eventually, the various meddlings of conmen/incompetents merely increased the rate of convergence. I respect the many owners that plough through the various problems on their cars and for 2yrs I've
  2. Thanks Tim, I've decided to pack everything away and leave it alone, maybe until next year unless I get the urge to sell it on as a project in the meantime. The problem I have is that I no longer really respect older turbo esprits from a engineering standpoint. The more I've learnt about engines it comes as no surprise that a non-intercooled, unmanaged, carburettor based, knock sensorless engine with thermal issues is(was) on its second rebuild in less than 65k miles. Couple this to a gearbox that you are afraid to use boisterously and it doesn't really add up to much more than mobile anti
  3. Just a warning to those who are tempted to skim the top of their brand new aluminium nikasil coated liners - don't do it. With the block just about acceptably bored and a set of of the later liners in place the tops were some way from spec. The advice from the machinist was to skim the tops to one level with a caveat that the nikasil might chip. And chip it did, though only very slightly on one side. The top of the chip was well above where the rings get to and I would have taken the chance and proceeded with the assembly. The problem was that small bits of very hard nikasil got caught b
  4. Just wondered if any of his former customers had managed to get the money they are owed. I've spent
  5. Thanks for the advice. Can't feel an appreciable endfloat so I'll try the parafin + oil + compressed air, wrap it up properly when its done and fit it to the car sometime before summer. A bit uneasy about pulling it apart, though. If it blows up or smokes in use at least it is easy to get to - just about the only thing that is. Ambrose
  6. Good point, I suppose it depends where the dirt is. Just went round and had a look at it again, how much play should there be in the bearing. If I grab the shaft at either end I can waggle it up and down quite a bit, so much so that the vanes on the compressor side just about touch the housing. Is that normal? Ambrose
  7. Thing is Im not sure what could be down there, although there is a certainly an amount of dog hair?? The shaft spins freely and feels smooth - is that enough to conclude the bearing is clean. Is it worth trying to force engine oil through the oil inlet until it is seen clear from the drain? I'll start as you suggested with paraffin and compressed air. Thanks Ambrose
  8. Hello, Can anyone share their experience of how they cleaned the innards of their turbo. It is currently off the car and has been in less than ideal storage for some months. I'd like to make sure that it is absolutely clean. The unit is a fairly new one fitted less than 10k ago by a PO. Is this a specialist (i.e. TurboTechnics) task or can this be done without disturbing the balanced parts? Thanks Ambrose
  9. What a relief... Hope they/you find the weasel that nicked it and that he be condemned to a lifetime of Nissan Micra (1992 Jizz edition) ownership
  10. OK there were a couple of posts I found very informative on the Yahoo group and Ill post them here, Im sure they won't mind... I see what you mean about the setup Buddsy... I'll be sure to ask about this when the time comes (hopefully soon). I'd advise getting a coffee and optionally at least 2 cigarettes at this point... --------------1ST ENGEL POST ---------------- Re: More Piston & Liner questions for early Esprits. Posted by: "Tim Engel" [email protected] eclat2
  11. FWIW Im heading down this exact route with my turbo. They arrived today and I'll be visiting the machine shop sometime next month to get them fitted. One of the engineers in the office muttered something about 'coded' machining? and jig boring? Buddsy - what is the correct/most accurate method to use? As far as compatibility with the LC head, Im hoping it will be better than using iron liners due to their similar thermal expansion coefficients. For much the same reasons the piston-bore clearance is significantly less with this setup so in theory I'll get less piston slap when cold. All good
  12. Tim, Very pleased to see that you have taken that important first step. Can't agree more with the chap who recommended doing something however small on it / or related to it everyday (aim for borderline obsessive...). The engine expense has to be the largest chunk which is almost done and the rest in my experience is dripping a bit of cash in it each month plus lots of time. I can recommend Mike Taylor (Lotusbits) for bits and for the more difficult jobs. Also collected a substantial pile of weird tools over the past couple of years which are at your disposal. Hopefully when I have manag
  13. Hi John, Sorry to hear the trouble you are having with your honing efforts. It appears to be a tricky thing to do yourself, although I do wonder whether you may have had better luck with the flexihone thing. Anyway I suspect your supplier will make some effort to check the parts they send now... It may interest you to know that there are MATCHED HC piston liner assemblies (liner,piston,rings,pin) on Ebay direct from Lotus for
  14. John, I assume that you are referring to the Omega forged pistons you obtained from SJ being matched to the liners rather than your original cast pistons. Anyway it sounds to me like you have a path to follow with your honing experiments and a method to measure the results so it should all fine in the end... Incidentally you may find this interesting, and more of the same In fact the whole site is very informative and the chap certainly seems credible.
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