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  1. Yeah, for that price they are obviouly not trying to sell to anyone who hangs out on this forum
  2. One would imagine that many parts are now suspect with this age and low mileage.
  3. What would be a reasonable price for a 1998 Esprit V8 with 39,000 on the odometer that has already had the engine rebuilt? This is of course assuming the car still checks out after having a qualified tech inspect it. The car supposedly now has forged pistons-I suspect the original failure was heat related... Thanks,
  4. Thanks for all the responses. I'll be careful with anything that has engine/coolant issues in it's history; but seems there's no reason to avoid a car with a proper, documented maintenance record and no issues in that area.
  5. So if one has not purchased a V8 Esprit yet, would the majority opinion be to avoid the cars manufactured before the midpoint of MY2000 when Lotus changed the material lining the cylinders? The newer cars command a higher price (all other things being equal) which means delaying the purchase; but then I would hate to buy the car and then also have to put out for major engine repairs. Thanks,
  6. Mayesprit, Katie, thanks for your reponses. With spring on the way thinking about actually picking up a car this year. The V8's are costlier to purchase and maintain, but here in the US, I'm seeing more choices in the V8 models. Not toi mention the extra power :yes
  7. I haven't been able to sit in a V8 Esprit. I wear size 11 shoes US (I believe it's 10.5 in in Britain) Will I need to wear driving mocs to work the pedals? Thanks,
  8. Indeed! What exotics offer in addition to or even above performance is character.
  9. Are the valves in the V8 engines self adjusting? Typically, at what mileage is a valve job needed? Thanks,
  10. I'm a fan of the BB 512s also. No Ferrari is "common" but those are rare even by exotic standards here in the states. I think they could only come here through the gray market?
  11. There are only 5 hours to go but this appears to be the best Esprit value on Ebay right now.
  12. Glad to see two Lotus models at the top of this list:
  13. You can't tell what a car can really do until you get it on a track with a driver who really knows it. On the street you never know if people are going all out or even if they know how to keep the car in the powerband. The one I would really like to try is the F40.
  14. I think Operaman went to see that one; I don't think his impression was too favorable. I would PM him if you are considering it.
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