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  1. Hi Neil, yes it was in the JPS section at Donnington in 1996 I think, my how the years roll on quickly. A big thankyou to Steve Grenald that year as the car was in bits, collected it at 7 to 8 P.M. on the Friday and drove up the M1 in Snow so it could be in the show the next morning and Sunday !
  2. Sorry Mark silly me misunderstood your message, picture taken at British GP July 1981 fantastic and in GP Legends on sky thanyou to Steve Sky footage shows Colin Chapman handing over the keys to Mansell for the car. To Roger the Dodger I took the car to a Williams test day at Silverstone when Damon Hill was driving for them and met a Williams mechanic who had worked on the car, it was local knowledge that Ayrton Senna's gear changes were so precise comparred to other Lotus F1 drivers. For the more technically minded , the car originally dry sump. was converted to wet sump pre my ownership ! All I know is that it still turns heads at 33 years and reminds me of when I was a yougnster watching a sports car go by (E Type Jag, Ferrari 308, Lambo countach etc etc ). Havent been on here for quite some time so havent read u too much , but had run in with local council when they put in speed humps that play havosc with the front underside (cooling fans) to whickh I wa told I must have modified the suspension !! Anyone else having grief where they live ? regards best wishes and many happy trouble free motoring miles in 2013 Jerry
  3. Yes car still in existance wrapped up for winter now though ! (will the rain never stop ?) Did a few laps at Brands Hatch at the back of the parade many years back, great experience Never entered for concours, interior needs restoring will undertake this when funds become available, these are difficult times for everyone. Used Lakeside engineering once, had not seen the posted pictures before today, all I can say is that the car felt and drove great after the lads had done service on it, however they are not in my neck of the woods. Previously Steve Grenald (top bloke !) of lotus servicentre Ilford looked after the car but he moved further out. Suspension fine although a bit creaky, car is 33 years old in January 2013. Interesting to note Mark's comments re car for sale re coterie press, would like to find said article Mark if you could help me there as I have had the car for nearly 17 years and it has never been up for sale in that time. The picture certainly looks like the car although it never had gold wheels as in the picture. I know that Elio de Angelis was presented with a twin but with a different coloured interior, beige I think, when he partnered Mansell at Lotus. I'll post some piccies in the spring, meanwhile thanks to you all for your interest kind regards Jerry
  4. Chassis No: SCC082910AHD10960 1981 Esprit Turbo S3 originally Nigel Mansell's car - Team Lotus Black with JPS Logo Owner: Jerry Martin, Kent.
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