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  1. Thats My Car!!!

    I was doing engine tests to check turbo boost etc, I find it safer to check things out on a steep hill then you don't run into anything!!!

    Hello John and welcome, this car is quite unique. I don't think there are many like it and you will be lucky to find one. It is my first Lotus and I got it by accident. I have to say it was a bag of worms and I wanted to take it back, I still have it 8 years later!!! Lotus dealers can be a waste of time when it comes to maintenance etc, took me a year and

  2. Hi there

    After confirming that my oil pressure indication system is not accurate on my 300 sport, has anyone fitted a more accurate sender/gauge combination. Due to the large number of posts on the issue of low oil pressure indication I think it is time to source an alternative.

    Any ideas please


  3. Hi there

    I have connected an oil pressure external gauge to the oil temp sender port, at idle with a cold engine 50 psi on external gauge, car indicates 1 bar. When hot 15 psi on external gauge, car gauge well ito red and oil light flickering.

    You have to confirm what your actual oil pressure is before doing anything else.



  4. This Problem is probably an earth issue. The water temp and oil temp guages increase, the oil pressure and fuel guages decrease when the headlights are switched on. The same thing happens when the rad fans start to operate. I have cleaned the main earth points but still the same.



  5. Hi Ken

    Lotus also give an idle figure of 5 psi in my book, I was concerned because my oil light will flicker at idle when hot so I contacted some lotus independents, it is quite common and ok provided at higher rpm the pressure is ok.



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