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  1. hi tom looks like its in good condition hope u enjoy it
  2. yeah about the same for mine just above the red line after a long blast
  3. there was a andretti momo steering wheel for sale on ebay last month complete with boss think the starting price was about £70 wheel looked in good nick do not know if it was sold
  4. I STILL Have original ujs on my s1 but they are greased every year just use a good quality grease every time
  5. hi mark yes having a few problems with it thats why i hate computers with a passion just send e mail or text if u want cheers paul
  6. yup ---nice to see another s1 up and running
  7. hi martin like to go but unfortunately away on my hols
  8. hi lyn got my s1 second hand in september 1977 so you beat me by a couple of months guess you must hold the record !
  9. good looking car nice to see another one saved
  10. still have the original uj on my car and grease them every year
  11. had a sunroof fitted to my s1 for over 30 years and no problems
  12. happy birthday mark ps have not forgot clay pidgeon shoot will wait till weather is a bit warmer
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