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  1. Hi, Sorry to jump on to the thread, but I'm having related issues with our SE. After pressing start on the gui (and with the ignition off) it reports 'finding start header', playing with wires it repeats and sometimes even reports 'found main header'. At times, the byte count increases so I guess data is being received. Should this even happen with the ignition off? It seems we having some wiring issues anyway but what output should we expect with the ignition on/off? Should the ecu constantly stream bytes to freescan all the time? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Brent, I came to look at your Black Turbo Esprit last year, remember? It was for a mate. In the end you sold it. Funny a year on my mate has one, so do I. What are you up to these days? Remember I had then an Elise 111R. Cheers, Eddie (in France)

  3. SCC082910EHD11805 1984 S3 Turbo, Black Brent Campbell Dorset
  4. Hi, I have owned both the S3 N/A and then secondly the S3 Turbo. Minus labour costs as I do all the maintenance myself, I've had trouble with both mainly due to the age of cars and previous owners/garages doing rushed jobs. I moved to the turbo mainly because of the looks although the extra power did help my decision somewhat The problems with the turbo haven't actually been turbo related. A manifold change which is common and I did to both cars involved mainly the same amount of the work and cost. Personally, I'm happy I went for a turbo for the reasons above, and as I've spent roughl
  5. CAM79

    S2 JPS colours

    Beautiful! Was a huge shock to me and everyone else in TGI fridays as I pointed and shouted 'Lotus Esprit!'. Nice 'Lotus' decals too, possibly not standard but classy!
  6. After seeing that pic in the new Esprit book, I quite fancied replicating that, but now I've seen it in the photos I'm not so sure...
  7. Hi mate, Hope all is well with you! I'd like to get it back on the road asap, well at least to keep it running as it's been off the road for a few weeks now. Let me know though please if/when you have the bits for sale. Cheers, Brent.
  8. Hi, Due to the break in, my ignition has been destroyed. The actuall ignition barrel is fine but at the opposite end to where the key is inserted the plastic part that slots into the lock has been completed busted complete with the lead that attaches to it. I bought a second hand one but it doesn't quite fit even though apparently they never changed the design. Anyway, I'm after a complete lock with the ignition lead (which plugs into the lead), do you happen to have one lying around I can buy off you? Cheers, Brent.
  9. Again, thanks for the comments. I'm still annoyed about it now, but true it could have been a lot worse. First I'm lucky that I still have it, and second I'm glad they didn't key it or torch it after they couldn't take it! Wouldn't mind the steering wheel back tho , it's either in someone's garden (nice find) or on the bas***** mantle piece. Will look out for it on e-bay! No, it didn't have any security and the flashing light wasn't working at the time as I've been working on some of the electrics, admittedly it was an easy target but thought it would have been safe where it was, otherwi
  10. Thanks for the comments guys. I didn't really think it would have been a target either, but it just shows. Unfortunately justice won't be done this time due to the lack of being able to obtain fingerprints, I just wish I could get hold of the b*******!!! On the upside, it could have been a lot worse and lucikly I have spares to fix the damage so I don't have to involve the insurance. I don't think I'll be leaving it anywhere again! Brent.
  11. Hi, I've been using my Esprit quite a lot recently as everything (well nearly everything) is working! Anyway, I left the car outside my girlfriends last night around 9, at about 11 the door was open I assumed they just wanted the stereo but then realised they we're after the car. They bent the passenger door frame to gain entry, sorted the ignition, and then there was only the steering lock to break...they must have put so much force into the steering wheel it ended up into their hands snapping the column. If they hadn't broken the wheel I don't think the car would be with we now
  12. I had to miss this weekend due to other commitments unfortunately, and it just so happened the Esprit broke this morning funilly enough around the corner from Broadstone, otherwise I would have gladly done it for you, hopefully I can help you/someone out next time! Just to let you know I'm around the Poole/Bournemouth area.
  13. I took the Esprit to a local classic car meeting over the weekend, arrived at the gates to pay, 'Are you with the Porsche club?' - No, it's a Lotus. What did make me smile though, a couple of weeks ago I took the car to work. On the way home driving through Winchester, a little girl, she must have only been 6 shouted at the top of her voice...'A Lamboghini Diablo!' - bless her.
  14. Hi, Recently I had a 'Everyman' Lamborghini Thrill at Prestwold Hall Driving Centre bought for my birthday, today was the day and being a serious Lamborghini fan you could imagine my excitement when I was about to experience the 520bhp of a Gallardo! Up until this point I've driven a range of fast cars hard including an Esprit SE, family Ferrari's etc so I as expecting this to blow them out of the water, and to be honest I was expecting to wet myself. Just waiting for my turn, me and my father we're just watching the cars go past and realising things weren't quite right. These are ONLY my
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