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  1. what are the wheels of please, cheers, Lee.
  2. Hi guys, a friend of mine is going to use his photo bucket to host much larger pics without the sun so much, theres actually not that many scratches to be honest, maybe 4! and will probably t-cut out, cheers, Lee.
  3. Cheers for that sleggs but unfortunately im selling her as she is, iv been quoted
  4. Hi andecorp, tempting i must say but i think at that price she will be gone very soon, if you was to pay up front for the vehicle though in full i will arrange secured storage as i have my eye on a merc cl65, i know this might sound daunting for you not getting your car for a few months and paying up front but im one of the most trust worthy guys around, ref storage i can get a quote but it wont be cheap, one thing what is cheap though is the bloody car !!, how many months are we talking please, cheers, Lee.
  5. Thanks bibs, hopefully she will go to a good home, cheers, Lee.
  6. Hi guys, car now on ebay with a low buy it now with offers considered, heres the link;rd=1&rd=1 cheers, Lee.
  7. Hi guys, just got my car started after 7 months of her standing only to find the head gaskets gone, i bought her blind with no keys or alarm remotes so when i got that sorted and tried starting her the head gaskets gone, i took all plugs out and both banks towards the back are wet, when trying to start her the gasses come out the header tank, my question is as iv allready got a cracked screen im thinking of selling as she is but if the head gasket job wasnt to expensive i might do that as well, question is what am i looking at, is it engine out time, is it true its a vauxhall block, because th
  8. Hi guys, dont worry about the screen now !! took her today to get the alarm sorted and when i started her as shes been standing a while the head gaskets gone, in a few weeks she will be up for sale as she is as im waiting for the V5 doc, theres cracked screen, head gasket gone, no mot, no tax, no history, some bumps and bruises but on a positive note shes going to be THE cheapest S4 s turbo in the country, shes a 1995 in azure blue with creme leather interior which has to be the best scheme, other usual spec, nearly new tyres, showing 30k and 2 previous owners, i bought her from a company a mo
  9. Hi guys, im being a little thick but is "R/H FRONT LOWER WHEEL ARCH SPAT S4s & V8" the trim that goes over the front wheel arch bolted from under the arch.....
  10. Cheers andecorp, im hoping to get a lot less than 445 plus vat, im waiting for replys at the momment from suppliers, apparantly lotus had them in there sale at 50 quid !! plus fitting kit, they havnt replied either, im not in a great rush so i will wait and see what turns up and thanks guys i wont be buying second hand, cheers, Lee.
  11. IV posted in the wrong section by the looks of things then sorry about that....
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