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  1. theres a lotus esprit headlight motor on ebay ........ Phil
  2. Well Ive done 70 miles in my new toy so far and nothings fallen off or blown up so that's a bonus. I reckon I either need to adjust the timing slightly or check the accelerator jets as the car has no pull. It travels merrily at any speed once you get there but theres little acceleration. I wont worry too much for the moment as Im happy to potter around whilst everything beds in as the engine was completely rebuilt but definitely a job for the future. Still grinning. Phil
  3. A trip to halfords will get you a battery with a decent guarantee as well as new connectors. Cut the old connectors off and refit new ones job done. Phil
  4. Wolfrace wheels are being refurbished but cutting the front of the car off below the waistline to blend in S1 lower front wings with spoiler is probably not going to happen. I doubt I would find any S1 front wings anyway.... Phil
  5. Heres my s1 thats finally back on the road after 18 years. Wolfraces still not back from the wheel shop yet. Phil
  6. One very excited Esprit owner can report that after 18 years VEX299S is back on the road as Christopher Neils got it through its MOT today. Im very much looking forward to my first ever drive in an Esprit tomorrow despite having owned this one for 12 years.
  7. Paul at Moores trim is a one man band operating from a workshop at his house but the quality of his work is excellent and his overheads are low.... Its a small world as my family are in Aylsham too. Say hello to Paul from me if you do give him a call. Phil
  8. Moores coach trimmers did my seats and theyre excellent. is the website and my car and seats are on his website. Hes in Aylsham, Norfolk. Phil
  9. Thanks for all the finger crossing gang. Im happy to report that we nearly got through an MOT and it was only a tired steering rack ,headlight alignment and too much play in the rear hubs that failed it. The steering rack is easy to sort c/o an SJsportscars new rack but the rear hubs are a little more perplexing. New bearings on both sides all torqued up correctly but definite lateral movement on both sides.... Chris Neils are on the case but we wont make our date in Wrightington this Sunday sadly but should be there for the next one. Phil
  10. Well after 18 off the road and twelve years in my ownership my S1 has finally made it to the MOT station. Its been at Christopher Neils for a couple of days having a suspension geometry check and full tune. Its off to the MOT station tomorrow so everyone have their fingers crossed please. If all goes well were off to the classic car coffee morning next Sunday in Wrightington. Phil
  11. Type choke lever mounting bracket into SJSportscars Esprit parts page and theres a diagram. Phil
  12. Thanks John thats exactly the info I needed. I couldn't get the measurement from my wolfraces as they aren't originally off an esprit and need to be modified accordingly. Cheers Phil
  13. The centreing ring is a spigot ring. Ive managed to measure the inside of a speedline wheel which is 57mm. Pete is there any chance that you could measure the outer diameter of this ring on you S1 hub please? Thanks Phil
  14. No it lists one for S1 and the other for S2. If yours look identical that helps. Ive got a set of Wolfraces to go on my S1 that has Speedlines on it and I didnt know if there was a different size spigot on S1 hubs that would give me something else to think about. Thanks Phil
  15. The rear hubs have different part numbers for the S1 and S2....D079D4004F and B079D4037F. Does anyone know how they differ if at all? Im guessing that they might be different to cope with the different wheels on the S1 and S2 but as I said its only a guess. Thanks Phil
  16. Can anyone recommend a wheel establishment for polishing a set of S1 alloys ideally in the North West? Phil
  17. Im in the process of torqueing everything up and checking things prior to our first mot trip but I cant figure out where the shims (washers) go on the gearbox hangers. These are the ones that determine the engine and gearbox fore /aft location. I seem to remember reading something about peering down through the hole in the boot floor but I can find this text anywhere now. Im assuming this position is fairly critical as it also determines how much work the driveshaft ujs do. Any thoughts anyone? Phil
  18. A speedline of an S2 would be the cheapest solution. Phil
  19. Damn .... something else Ive got to do too now. What I dont understand from the description is if you turn the steering wheel 30 degrees before putting everything back together how will the steering wheel be straight when the wheels are? Phil
  20. Try this link...... I have been attempting to tune my carbs this week with a carbtune and this website tells you what to tweak and when. Mine is definitely running better now but not at MOT stage yet Good luck Phil
  21. Yep drilled 6 holes into the rad frame. You can see 4 of them in the picture. Bear in mind that my S1 although it has an upright radiator has a "bespoke" or factory fabricated S2 bib and spoiler so maybe this is giving me the clearance that seems to be an issue on S1s with an S1 spoiler? Phil
  22. Doesnt time fly... over a 10 year restoration project but getting a wiggle on now. Electrics finished, interior done with the exception of fitting the passenger seat ( I cant do that until I turn the car round in my tiny garage. ) Waistline trim on, cant rail chrome trim trimmed and fitted (Bloody fiddly little job that one).... I managed to drive the car out of the garage at the weekend but its back to running on three cylinders again. I pulled the ht leads off one at a time and found cylinder 4 not contributing to the "smooth running". I found my ancient colourtune plugged it in and saw a spark only with no bang so Im assuming I have a blocked jet somewhere. Im sure this one has blocked before so carbs coming off again I guess. Not many bits left to put back on now so Im getting close to weighing the car down and tightening the suspension, having another go at bleeding the brakes and then balancing the carbs, carpeting the boot and refitting the two rear quarter windows. Were insured for the first time now in 20 years so hopefully a drive to an mot station in the near future isnt out of the question. Ive added a few pictures to my album
  23. Whats the fault Chris?, Is it just the flash operation that doesnt work because that runs off a different fuse in my S1 compared to rest of the headlight operation..... Phil
  24. On mine the horn compressor is mounted inside the bonnet compartment on the left hand wheel arch beside the washer bottle with the horns then mounted beside the lefthand headlamp motor. They are effectively jammed right in the front left corner of the bonnet compartment. Phil
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