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  1. Thanks for the info Bibs. Didn't realise the Stage 2 was for supercharged cars. It was fitted when I bought the car and it runs and sounds great. I'll leave it on along with the cat.
  2. Hi Bibs Thanks for your reply. As far as I know I reset the ECU correcly (press / release the accelerator pedal whilst the key is turned to ACC). Also had the battery disconnected whilst fitting the bypass which I believe also resets te ECU. Not sure about the IACV and how to reset it but will have a search.
  3. I recently installed a cat bypass on my N/A Exige S2 and it's caused the idle to run rough. Idle cycles by dipping to almost stalling then swings up to 1500rpm then back to normal. Bypass is running with a Stage 2 exhaust. I've reset the ECU and have ran the car for a few weeks now in the hope its just re-leaning but no improvement. Decided to fit the cat back on yesterday to see if the bypass was the problem and car has returned back to normal idle straight away. Has anyone fitted a bypass and experienced similar problems. It's only the idle that's the problem and there's no problem once on the move. Thanks Graham
  4. Hi All I've just recently changed my 1979 Esprit S2 for an Exige S2. Now being and Exige owner I have one word....WOW! One thing I'm contemplating is installing a rear view camera. Rear visibility is to be honest not as bad I was expecting but there is always room for improvement. I've been looking for a suitable LCD montor and there are a number of cheap units available on ebay. However, the question I have is whether the image they display is reversed left to right to replicate that of a normal rear view mirror. They fail to state this in the descriptions therefore I'm presuming they do not provide this facility. If anyone has performed this mod or has any knowlege on suitable LCD monitors I would very much appreciate any advice you could provide on suitable units and how you installed. Many thanks Graham
  5. EDIT - Please post adverts in our free classifieds. Thanks.
  6. Scott Sorry I missed your invite as I was away last weekend. If you are around this Sunday let me know and we can meet up. Anyone else in the Aberdeen area interested. Regards Graham
  7. Jeff Many thanks for the info, much appreciated. Apologies for not replying sooner as I've been doing much head scratching but have now solved the problem. On rechecking the carbs the float levels where too low. Have reset and its now running like a dream with the 58 idle jets having eliminated the stumble under acceleration completely. Thanks again Graham
  8. Marc I have just had a problem with severe juddering under load following a carb rebuild. Initially the float needle valves were not shutting off fully resulting in the fuel bowls over flowing into the carb intakes. Have you checked whether the fuel pump stops ticking with ignition on but engine not running. If it doesn't stop and you're smelling fuel check inside the intakes. If they're wet with fuel then your fuel bowls are flooding. On resetting the needle valves I incorrectly set the float heights too low which created even worst juddering under load. After much fiddling to get the float heights right its now running without so much as a hiccup. I've also experienced similar problems when it turned out to be the ignition coil failing. Hope this helps as these faults are sometimes difficult to trace. Just need to eliminate one at a time. Graham
  9. Does anyone have any advice on resizing idle jets. The idle jets on my dellorto 45's are size 55 (standard). However I experience the common hesitation on acceleration which I believe is due to the idle circuit running too lean. I have read that people have had success in overcoming this by installing larger jets such as size 58. I have tried installing size 58 jets but on hard acceleration the engine splutters quite bad with back fire on overrun - mixture too rich?? This suggests 58's are too big, but before I refit the original jets am I missing anything or can anyone recommend a better set up to the standard. Thanks Graham
  10. If you want to remove badges that are stuck onto the bodywork an alternative to pianowire is dental floss. Don't laugh , it works and doesn't damage the paintwork. I've used this method a number of times on other cars Cheers Graham
  11. Guys Many thanks for your responses, some very helpfull points raised that I hadn't considered. I think I'll play safe and replace like for like with standard equipment. Regards Graham
  12. Thanks guys I have since found the following website who supply Tarox discs They have grooved and grooved/drilled front discs for the S1 / S2. I'm not quite clear on the benefits between grooved and grooved/drilled but can anyone advise. Also does anyone have any experience with Tarox discs. Pete, note your comment on Greenstuff pads. I did read somewhere that they have changed the compound since they originally came out and the new compound provides little improvement other than reduced dust. Thanks Graham
  13. I need to replace both front and rear brake discs on my S2. Before opting for standard discs can anyone advise if there are any disc upgrades (eg vented / grooved etc) that are available whilst keeping the calipers standard. If so does anyone have any experience, good, bad or indifferent. Also any advice on pad upgrades would be appreciated. Many thanks Graham
  14. A neat solution Shane but on the dellorto carbs the arm and diaphram are hidden in a housing when assembled. Thanks anyway, it's always good to see tips like this on the forum as you never know when they might come in handy. Graham
  15. Jeff Good point about AFR. Wish I had a data logger, I think I'll have to rely on the good old trusted trial and error approach!! Cheers Graham
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