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  1. Hi Glyn, I've got a similar problem. Heater blasts out hot air regardless of the left hand rotational heater control. The bit I'm stuck on is the parts list shows a water valve, I presume to shut off the hot water supply to the heater matrix, but there appears to be no reference to its wiring in the service notes. The vacuum is quite easy to check in the passenger footwell valve when engine running and it's fed from the vacuum junction above the left hand fuel tank. The rest is buried under the dash but I'm in there today so if I find anything I'll post a pic. MikeD
  2. Hi Guys, Update as promised. As you know I ran Peter's Beta version software and nothing really definitive came up. The right bank long term trim however was as low as -18% so this morning was back to basics. 1. Checked the exhaust exit strengths and the left side is low. 2. Removed the standard exhaust, and checked the cat exits, the ride is low, which tallies and points to a duff turbo or collapsed cat. 3. Removed the cat, stood it on end and gave it a tap. Lo and behold large lumps of blackened honeycomb dropped out the engine side pipe. 4. Luckily I have a spare off a '96 low mileage engine. 5. Ive fitted that and also a pair of straight thro tail pipes (while I use the standard exhaust as a template for the pipe run on a centre outlet system) 6. My GT now runs as it should. I can't thank Peter and Dave enough for their help especially after a long bare chassis rebuild to be stumped at the last hurdle. Great feeling to know that all Espritworld help is out there.. Mike D
  3. Hi Peter, Thank you for your kind offer. I would be delighted to try your Beta software and give you any feedback you may think useful. My email address is [email protected] thanks again to you both. MikeD
  4. Hi Guys, First to answer Peter's question. My Gendan OBD11 has the ELM 323 chip and the digimoto 3.7 software doesn't list the thottle posn. I think it's now time to try the leads. MikeD
  5. Hi Peter, Thanks for that. I try it tonight if I can't get to it lunchtime. Best regards Mike.D
  6. Thanks for coming back Dave. The engine will start first time every time even in the recent cold spell. Recently it started to run cleanly from start and drive perfectly well up 3000 rpm but would take no load above 3K. Put in new plugs and was not looking forward to lifting the plenum chamber to change the leads, when after filling up with premium grade at the weekend, in case the fuel had gone off, when the engine just bogged down to tickover and i had to crawl home. The puzzle is no engine warning light. My reason to suspect the pot is after a recent run, whilst checking all the engine connectors, the revs rose and then the engine stopped when I handled the pot connector. The engine restarted no problem. Any ideas?
  7. mike dempsey

    Tech 1

    Anybody near to Peterborough UK with a Tech 1 reader I can rent for a couple of days? I suspect I 've got a problem with the throttle body potentiometer and my Gendan OBD11 with digimoto 3.7 doesn't give enough info. No light or codes showing which is also strange.
  8. Hi Guys, Update as promised. Engine light now out. The spare connector over the LH tank is for the non existant air pump. I found the wiring for the canister solenoid cut back along the rear harness, and the corresponding plug on top of the canister under the LHrear wheel arch. Now all I have to do is cure the misfire and tendency for the engine to accept very little throttle opening after heating up to running temp. I'll let you know.
  9. Thanks for that guys. I had the wrong plug in the divertor valve earlier, so I know that's OK as the wire colour codes now match up and the heating works. That leaves a spare plug over the LH tank, but I think this may be for the Air Pump solenoid which is not fitted on my GT. i'll check the wiring thro' on this spare plug and get back to you.
  10. Engine light on and po444 showing on the OBD 11. Checked on an old thread and confirm that the fuse B7 is the feed involved. I have checked thro' pins 15, 17, 16, and 14 on the EMCH connector. Everything is showing positive feed to the ECM except pin 16. I've checked the purge solenoid which I take is item 22 on FC 44.05 in the service parts list, but where the hell is the Can Purge Solenoid.
  11. Thanks for that Glyn. Dealing with just one light for clarity. the inner centre is reverse the outer centre is indicator the outer half of the outer light is brake the outer ring is sidelight. If the inner half of the inner light is fog, then I'm there.
  12. Can Anyone please help with the rear light sequence on the MY 2004. I bought a new rear panel from lotus with lights and rear loom, but need the light layout to connect to existing V8 1998 rear loom.
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