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  2. Having looked at the weather this evening, Lorna and I are going to have to drop out, I don't fancy A9 in the snow in the Elan. I was number 43 on the list so that will free up 2 place for someone else Andrew
  3. 1. Steve & Kathy (2) 2. Dom (Dominic) (3) 3. Philip (4) 4. Duggie & Susan (6) 5. Saj (Veggie) (7) 6. Steve Brown (8) 7. Donkey(9) 8. Keith & Ann (11) 9. Kenny & Lesley (Veggie) (13) 10. Steve_Weegie (14) 11. Sanjoy (15) 12. Hedgerley plus 1 (17) 13. Ian Corse + 1 (19) 14. Arnold (Veggie) (avdb) (20) 15. Joss (21) 16. Mark Ryan + 1 (Marx1961) (23) 17. Andrew & Alister (25) 18. Sharron & Dave (27) 19. Innes Worsman +1 (29) 20. BigD & TinyR (31) 21. Alan (AJT) (32) 22. Mike & Ruth (Mikie711) (We both replied on Facebook so don't count us twice) (34) 23. Jim & D
  4. S2 wheels are like rocking horse poo, so if you like them and you can get them, then take them, they may not be offered again. The electric boot lock is not standard, so someone has been at the electrics. Door locks are not normally a problem unless one of the micro switches is on its way out.
  5. Good to see another M100 in the fold. Nice looking car. Not a fan of the wheels myself, don't like the silver rim. If it has a brake upgrade you may not be able to get the original 15" rims over the brakes. S2 16" wheels are like rocking horse poo. Wheels should have a 60mm offset or the handling will be affected. Don't think it will have been de-catted (SE's didn't have a cat) . Heater may be working, they don't normally get anything more than luke warm in normal driving. Electrical gremlins should be easy to fix. is a good source of information on the m100 or dr
  6. If anyone wants to meet up so we all arrive and get parked together. Lorna and myself are aiming to be at the Esso garage in Grantown (where we all met last year) at 10:15. Will then leave to head into the square at 10:30
  7. WHO ATTENDING: Add name please 1 Duncan Thorpe Lotus Elan S4 SE 2 Donald Mathieson Lotus Elise 3 Wendy Walsh Lotus Eclat 4 John Walsh Lotus Esprit 5 Hamish Stewart Lotus Elan SE turbo 6 Alex Black Lotus Elan Sprint DHC 7 Archie Buchanan Lotus Esprit GT3 8 Justine Buchanan Lotus Elan SE Turbo 9 Andrew Jenkins Lotus Elan SE 10 Lorna Mitchell Lotus Elan SE Are we meeting up before hand so we all arrive together and get parked together?
  8. sorry I am not going to make it along, hurt my back yesterday and can't get into the elan this morning
  9. Hi Only just noticed this, not on the forum as much as I should be. Lorna and myself will be along with both the Elan m100's. Iam happy to put my one round the track, but Lorna will not put her one on track Regards Andrew
  10. Hi Archie Living room will be great, going to let Lorna bring over the 'new' Elan so will have 2 green M100's Regards Andrew
  11. Hi Can I add 2 more to the list for GTM and Archie's BBQ (camping). Will have 2 Elan M100's. I am happy to take passengers around the track, but Lorna who will be in the other car would be happy to do some marshalling. Cheers Andrew
  12. oops nearly missed this meet........ nothing on LEC Archie??? Can you add me and Lorna to the list for the BBQ and the museum. If anyone pulls out an frees up a room in the lodge I would be interested. otherwise I shall do the tent thing again. Now which Elan do I bring ........
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