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  1. Problem with having a spare is, if your out on the road and need to use it, where do you put the roadwheel, cuz in wont fit in the front boot
  2. im a bit worried cuz I used up all my best sweary words stripping mine down, what am I going to use to put is back together??????
  3. Blimey I thought mine was bad, biggest issue I had was with the top wishbone rear pins, worse than trying to get out the bottom rear links. All the rest came off ok, apart from the bent lower inner on the drivers side, but the good old recipricating saw, saw that off. All off to the shot blasters and powder coaters now, and loads of new bits ordered from SJ, as well as a set of dampers and springs from Gaz
  4. I got some great flat metallic stickers from a euro Ebay seller, for £13. 60mm is the size should anyone want a set, better than paying over £100 for a set of centres from SWL
  5. as part of my GT3 rebuild I needed a new pair of fronts for my Nova's, as I have Goodyear F1 on the back I wanted to match, but it now seems they dont do the 235 anymore, so I have gone for 245
  6. afternoon all, the bodyshop are in the process of rebuilding the mirrors to go back on my GT3, and the inner metal frame is cracked where the turret which usually breaks is screwed to on the drivers side (offside) mirror, does anyone have a frame, or a mirror to sell? Not bothered about condition or colour as all the rest of it is fine, if you have let me know price and location. This is a post 93 Citroen CX type mirror.
  7. Quick question, does anyone know what diameter the stickers are on OZ Nova centre caps? As part of my rebuild I want to fit new ones, but I dont fancy paying over £100 for a set of new ones when I only need to refurb the sticker. I have found a Euro seller who does Lotus centre cap stickers in various sizes both flat and domed for £13, just need the size. car is currently 120 miles away so cant just pop out and check.
  8. I know I keep saying this, but getting close now. I have taken the opportunity to get the seats retrimmed as they were looking a bit tired, other pictures are of the black detail being added to the body, as well as the referbed wheels, and the reassembly of the body.
  9. The recipe for TG that the BBC cant get right is very simple, essentially what made old TG great was the fact it was 3 mates who know cars inside out having a laugh, and we all wanted to be them, being paid to mess about.
  10. Top man, cheers Paul, thats what I hoped would come back.
  11. Although my car is a GT3 it runs on OZ Nova's. In a recent accident the two front tyres were damaged, so I need replacements, It has Good Year Eagle F1's all round so I want to keep it that way, however Goodyear no longer do the Asymmetric in 235/40/17, they only do either, 245/40/17 or 235/45/17 Question is will 245 be too wide, or 45 profile too high, what do the collective think is the best option? If the rears were worn I'd just go Falken all round, but they are like new with only 5000 miles on them, so I dont want to spend #400 for the sake of it.
  12. Andy French is going to see them and the car this week too
  13. May seems a long time ago, and I have now been without my GT3 6 long months. I thought it was time I updated on progress to date. The damage meant the car would need a total strip down and respray, as well as repairing the fibreglass damage, and other part. First thing on the shopping list was a drivers door as the original one was too far gone to be repaired. After some searching I found a Sport 350 door at DVB, for £550.00 which given it had all the fittings and glass I didn't think was too bad, most of the rest of the parts, such as sunroof fittings seals, and front splitter were ordere
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