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  1. Im fairly sure having a history in retail that Lotus can recommend a price, but it's up to the dealer how much margin they want to make, otherwise that would be anti competitive, no company is allowed to dictate to a retailer what they charge.
  2. Update. I was in Norwich this week so popped into Stratton Motor Company to order said grommets, to be told on pre 400 Evora's the grommet or pump is not now listed as a separate item and you have to order the entire washer bottle assembly at £78 + VAT. So either Rover or Land Rover item it is then.
  3. my thoughts exactly
  4. It is but mine has always had an S4s wing
  5. Cheers Bib's, it's 15, I was just trying to get one locally this weekend while Ive got the front stripped down. Guess I'll just have to fudge it until I get one from Lotus, need a couple of other bits anyway.
  6. The main damage was on the drivers side, the door is too badly damaged to repair, so I have had to source a replacement, which I got from Douglas Valley off a Sport 350. Main concern was the damage to the front Oz Nova, but thankfully this is repairable by a specialist, again other other wheels are undamaged but scuffed so all are to be refurbished. During the accident the sunroof was twisted and the catches broke, and the front tounges bent, so a complete set has been ordered from SJ As virtually every panel has some damage a full strip down and respray is the only answer, so that is what is happening now. To cut costs I am sourcing all of the parts.
  7. As some of you may know, along with Nigeniga in his Europa S, I was involved in a crash on the M20 back in May. Niges Europa S was sadly destroyed, and my Esprit was damaged. Although the damage did not seem that bad and was virtually all cosmetic, the car was writtten off. Devastated I thought long and hard about what to do, but the car simply means too much so I decided to buy the car back and get it repaired. The initial assessement was done by Beaconsfield Workshop, who are Lotus approved and also a Rolls Royce & Bentley approved bodyshop so its in good hands, I have seen their workmanship and it's excellent. So to kick things off below are some pictures of the damage after the crash.
  8. The washer fluid tank on our Evora has started leaking, upon further investigation I see that the gormmet that seals the pump into the tank has perished. I know the pump is also used on a Land Rover & Range Rover, but Euro Car parts don't stock them, does anything else use it?
  9. Morning all, while away at Le Mans Classic last week, the mesh fell out of one of the door speaker covers, never to be seen again. The rim is still in place, it's just the mesh thats gone. Any steer on where to get a new speaker cover, I dont imagine I will get just the mesh? Car is a 2009 launch edition.
  10. Thats brilliant Chris, much appreciated, I'll pm you
  11. Thanks Chaps, Chris I'll let you know if I need one, just let me know how much. Out of interest where did you get the clear ones?
  12. As part of my GT3 crash repair I need a new side repeater, to save a big search, what are they off, I'm guessing some GM product?
  13. ajheath

    M20 crash

    Yep that was me, on the way back from Lotus Ypres event with Nige in his Europa S, when a [email protected]%$ in a white van ran into Nige at speed which caused Nige to lose control and hit me. Hopefully my Esprit will be repaired, its currently at Beaconsfield Workshop awaiting a decision from the insurer