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  1. 1988 turbo esprit black SCCFC20A5JHF62101 Jim Beaumont Snohomish Washigton USA
  2. I have a US spec 88 ie citroen trans with inboard brakes. I have a set of OZ futura S4s wheels UK spec 18 rear 17 front. I am looking to put them on the 88 and due to the width on the rear the wheels hit the inner fender on the drivers side because of the turbo pipe. The spacer will move the wheels out and put then just at the edge of he wheel arch. I am machining the fronts to fit my hubs has anyone tried this on a citroen car?? thanks for the help Jim
  3. WOW what a quick response, you guys are great... thanks!! Jim
  4. Does anyone know where I can find a 1 inch wheel spacer that fits the esprit bolt pattern? thanks Jim
  5. Hello, does anyone have an idea where I can find a set of centers?? I have a complete set of wheels now... Thanks J
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