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  1. HI guys, Happy New Year! Hope to see you at Larling. Graeme
  2. Hi Im here Graeme In Hethersett, Norfolk.
  3. Thanks for organising the route Andy, did't notice the missed turn . Good you see you all again. Must be something in the air when it comes to starter motors Colin, went to start mine this morning and five times it just spun but didn't engage
  4. Hi Owen, hope you are well? Been a long time since I was last on the forum. Do you still get to the monthly meets? Last time I spoke to Paul and Karen Blyth they said that they thought you were considering selling your car? Hope you didn't!! Did you get the paint work sorted? Any way hope to see you in the future, perhaps at one of the evening meets or weekend drives.

    Best Wish...

  5. Hi Guys, Hope to make it, work permitting. Graeme
  6. Hi Guys, sorry I haven't been on the forum recently, been a bit busy at work. I will try and make the meet. Graeme.
  7. Hi Chris, It depends which flap is causing the problem. The one that lets fresh air into the car is situated in the front compartment under the bonnet in a housing attached to the bulkhead (you can see the top of the flap when you raise the bonnet). You just need to remove the plastic shroud which is held on with five screws and you have access to it. The others are a little more tricky to get at as they sit within the heater/blower unit on the cabin side of the bulkhead. I am not sure but I don't think it is a quick job to get at them.
  8. I'd second Andy C with his comment about not using the lower links. Mine was pulled backwards by the lower links and both bent.
  9. Hi Simon, Sorry but I cannot do Fridays, so I will have to pass this time unfortunately.
  10. Found the problem I traced the vacuum hose form the pump into the engine bay off side compartment where I found that the "T" piece where the hose splits for the engine or the heater had the heater hose missing. Had a bit of a rumage found the heater vacuum hose, reconnected and hey presto- the heater works again and the vacuum pump is quiet!
  11. We're leaving from Thickthorn Services at 7.30am if you want to join us.
  12. gumin


    There are still some of us on this side of the pond that have not gone to Donnington today. I find myself sitting in an office at Norwich Airport looking out of the window at the bright warm sunny weather and wishing I was there
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