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    I'm a pianist and I love chess.

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    Lotus Esprit S2.2 1981 RHD from UK
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  1. Mine has wheel arches painted in body color, some PO paint over it with Matt black underside paint but as I have no found any black paint under the original gold I can say that my 1981 S2.2 has wheel arches in body color, no doubt.
  2. Just bought a set of blue carpets for my S2.2, they are amazing. Giorgio
  3. Hello Peter, any chance to have your homemade wiring diagram for the relays upgrade? Thanks Giorgio
  4. Yes I did it, drop me a PM if you need any help. Giorgio
  5. These are great! Just sent a PM to Steve to know if they are available also for the S2.2.
  6. giorgio67

    Cam follower shims

    I have a bag of about hundred of them, if you are in trouble finding the right one just give me a call.
  7. Are you sure that 3 washers between nut and arms are correct? Don't think so.
  8. giorgio67


    Very sad sad new, we had some chat in the past and I remember him as a great guy. RIP
  9. Hello guys, I'm looking for a good used SS manifold (SJ...?) for my car, anyone have one for sale? Thanks Giorgio
  10. Hello guys, does anyone know how the rad duct stays are mounted on front chassis member on the late S2 and early S3 cars? On the manual I’ve seen that they are side mounted on the chassis but a lot of pics show the duct stay bolted in the lower corners of the sectoon. Some pics would be great, thanks guys.
  11. Hi Buddy, could i have a copy of esprit wiring diagram in colour please having issues with mirrors. Ta Jay

    [email protected]


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