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  1. Sills and front spoiler must be black so they need to be dismantled and painted properly... interior is not correct, and panel gaps on door and bonnet are awful, other than that? Love to see chassis underneath G.
  2. Aluminium is not better regarding thermal conductivity it's just lighter and maybe stronger, but as my rad man told me they are just bullshit...just have your original copper/brass rad recored to 3 core and put 11' Kenlowe fans with a alloy rad cow and you will avoid any problems.
  3. This kit is good for the S1 S2 S2.2 without any differences. yellow bushes replaced after a lot of troubles from customers With Red color type, stronger and better quality. Giorgio
  4. Thank for your reply Paul, yes the Rapture is awesome but very overpriced to me, I'm more intrigued, for budget the SR3 SL but I'm just thinking about it, also it's very hard to find a good one. The other car on top of my list is the Lotus 2-Eleven so would be interesting to hear something about the differences of the two cars, being the Radical obviously more extreme, also for the Lotus, finding a perfect LHD is not easy, I think the Lotus will keep the value better? Giorgio
  5. I mean, the SJ kit is a direct fit and does not need any mods Giorgio
  6. Ciao Antonio, what you have are the two legs of the engine upgraded mount kit from SJ, you must have two poly bushes also for that and a metal plate that will go under one of the two legs, IIRC is the RH side. I would suggest to build and fit also a heat shield for the manifold side to prevent melting the bush... Giorgio
  7. Hi gents, I'm very intrigued in the Radical cars world and I'd like to know your opinion about that, how is considered in the UK cars world the Radical brand and their build quality and service? Seems to me that they are very well considered in the race world, also, is the company owned by UK people or something else? Thanks Giorgio
  8. I have a perfect one that came with my S2.2, even if I don't think to fit it is not for sale as I will keep it for the new owner of my car if I decide to sell, sorry guys...
  9. My RHD esprit 1981 S2.2 could be for sale in the near future, it's a gem for sure...
  10. These rules are for the Turin town where I live, you can drive Euro 0 cars in the country with other limitations. In Milan you can drive Euro 0 classic cars but Milan is in Lombardia a different region from Piemonte. Every region has different rules but sadly I’m living in Turin. Different rules for car with 20, or more than 30 years.
  11. Still not on the road due to a leaking water pump just taken out... also car is not registered yet and I don’t know if it would be as here in my region we cannot drive anymore Euro 0 cars even if “classic” .. idiot politicians. So could be for sale soon if things does not change..
  12. My door seals from SJ are just perfect in every way.
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