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  1. Hello Jonas, welcome on the forum. It's marine plywood and yes is laminated with fiberglass removing it is a difficult job but could be done with patience...SJ sells all the panel cutted and ready to fit. Pics please. Ciao G.
  2. Yes, one of the best to seal alloy flanges etc... zero thickness.
  3. Hello Bob, did you buy the right hoses from PNM in the end? How much are the set? Thanks G.
  4. Thanks Dave, car is already bolted on chassis but anyway I did the procedure you suggest years ago when I rebuilt my engine, I will prime again but in the easy way now putting some oil on the filter attachment and cranking with no spark and fuel, lot of assembly lube on parts when I rebuilt the engine so I hope everything would be ok.
  5. yes Fabian thanks for your tip, I'm reading your topic and I'm very sad for your problem. Rotor and annulus are new and everything has been cleaned and checked, I hope to read some oil pressure when cranking without spark and with the fuel pump disconnected, finger crossed...
  6. Yes Stephen, steering wheel is unbolted for shooting purpose...
  7. Hi guys, lot of work past month and very happy to see all my shiny parts mounted on my babe. Needs to connect all the wiring in the engine bay, fill the cooling system, the fuel tanks and I will try to start after more than 10 years of sleeping... Finger crossed, I will make a video of the first start! G.
  8. yes it's coming...I hope next week first start... I had nightmare times fitting radiator-assembly-pipes-fans-spoiler-front grille-horns-wiring etc as as always nothing fits as it should and not a single hole for fixing was right... update soon with pics. G.
  9. Not yet mate.... update pics soon. I'm very busy this time so not much time for my babe Giorgio
  10. Hello guys, need some help here as my electrical knowledge is about zero... I'm changing the ignition system from Lumenition to Lucas AB14 Constant Energy System, bought all the parts and I'm doing engine wiring at the moment. Problem is that obviously the wiring is different and I don't know which cables are redundant and which, if any, are missing. Seeing the diagrams I found that the connections between coil/distributor/starter motor are different, so does anyone have a good knowledge about that to give me some advice on how to connect correctly my new set-up? I don't think to mount the engine limiter but in case I have one. Thanks for your great help. Ok, sorry for the bad job but I don't know how to use the software...this is what I have done comparing the two diagrams, please take a look as there are some wires that I don't know if they needs to be fitted,,, thanks guys 898318253_ESPRITS2S3WITHLUMENITION.tif
  11. 2K spray can from Spraymax/Standox is a perfect finish, you can choose satin grade, painted mine 40% satin and looks as original.
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