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  1. My car is going well Fabian, lot of work but as I said it takes ages... nothing fit as it should as sadly I have a lot of non original spares, you know what I mean....
  2. Motors are made by GM if you need i have original part number
  3. Heater motors are from Ascona A model look on ebay DE, bought some new a couple of years ago or buy from SJ as they are now available new but very expensive. Note that even if identical the motors are different, one is rotating CW and the other ACW...
  4. Hi guys, finally found that the quarter glasses are not the same even if they have the same code marked on... I’ve bought two early type bolted on glasses time ago and now found that the profile and curvature are different so they does not fit on the S2.2 model. The early ones are smalker too so you can’t also fit the plastic trim on top correctly. In the pics below you can see the mark of the glasses, first pic is the late one, bigger and correct, the second pic is the early type bolt on, smaller and with different profile. Anyone have encountered this problem?
  5. Dave, the wooden shelf are sitting on the brackets I posted on my post, as you can see in this pic, sitting on left and without on right, I can only suppose your brackets are mounted in the wrong position, so to low... you can see the correct height of the brackets in this pic of my car at the time of dismantling, hope this help.
  6. You need these: HEADLOCK FASTNER Used to fix the wooden boards under rear 3/4 window. 8 per car. available form SJ
  7. Seems to me that the glass is sitting to low on the tailgate as the crome trims needs to be at the same level of body once fitted, did you put the rubber blocks under glass as for LOTUS manual?
  8. Hey Buddsy! Yes is a never ending story... can’t understand how people can reassemble an Esprit in a couple of months... nothing fits as original but maybe I’m too maniac about details?
  9. Note in the pics above the Santo Graal of Esprit parts, the 260 Km/H speedo..
  10. Hello guys, lot of work here reassembling my babe so time to post some pics of the progress. Everything takes ages to be mounted correctly and a lot of non original parts needs to be worked prior to fit...but I'm happy to see a new car in the shade!
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