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  1. I don’t think so, I will buy a 2-11...
  2. These rules are for the Turin town where I live, you can drive Euro 0 cars in the country with other limitations. In Milan you can drive Euro 0 classic cars but Milan is in Lombardia a different region from Piemonte. Every region has different rules but sadly I’m living in Turin. Different rules for car with 20, or more than 30 years.
  3. Still not on the road due to a leaking water pump just taken out... also car is not registered yet and I don’t know if it would be as here in my region we cannot drive anymore Euro 0 cars even if “classic” .. idiot politicians. So could be for sale soon if things does not change..
  4. My door seals from SJ are just perfect in every way.
  5. Here the pics for you Steve, sorry not very good as the Phone camera is gone. As you can see the two rad stay are bolted on chassis and rad cow as for the Lotus Manual specifications.hope this helps. Giorgio
  6. Sorry Steve, I forgot about that. I will post pics today of the rad assembly and rods. Giorgio
  7. Update guys, fitted the tailgate chrome trims, I was a bit worrying about but has been easy, checked with care the corners fit before putting seal on and the result is very good. Also fitted the passenger carpets and seat and trying to make the handbrake lever warning light working as with the new carpets and the new rubber lever there was very few gap to make the contact on microswitch. Next would be the windscreen and have the Speedline wheels sandblasted and painted, very happy, this car is coming beautiful!
  8. also don't waste your time trying to adjust gap and opening of a bare door shell, once you have fitted the frame, glass , motor etc.. you will see that it would be different, fitting the door seal is also good to check the frame angle on body aperture and to see light gap.
  9. 912 HC engine specification are 12° and runs beautiful
  10. Someone told me that the spacer is totally works only when the circle fitting the Harry circlip would be the solution...
  11. Also the SU fuel pump connectors are fitted only with rubber O-rings no fibre washers
  12. I will take some pics for you but would be Monday.
  13. UPDATE guys, after 3 attempts the beauty has started after 10 years of sleeping , first two attempts have been wrong as I have stupidly routed the dizzy cables 180°out.... but (thanks again Matt...) routed again in the right way the engine start immediately, what a sound! Perfect oil pressure, no water leaks from pump and pipes, no tappet sound, everything is just perfect, it's a Swiss watch! I have build engine temperature to see if the fans works and reached just below 90 they goes on immediately, I have not calibrated anything on the carbs but they are running very well and the idle is stable at about 900 rpm. What can I say?
  14. Update... oil pump housing and gears fully packed with vaseline jelly, oil cooler sandwich plate removed and voilà! After 15 seconds of cranking a smile appear on my face, I have pressure! Gauge are reading 50 just with the cranking speed so everything goes well this time, now I need to sort out a little leaking from fuel pump connector and than I will try to start it after 10 years of sleeping.
  15. AHAHAHAHAH Fabian, air out of the cooling system??? Fitted coolant yesterday and as expected no more than 8 liters goes on, I think once started and leaving the cap off the air will go out of the system, and yes, oil filter full of oil, pressure relief valve free of movement and closed, dizzy o-ring mounted correctly etc... tomorrow I will pack everything with vaseline jelly, and I will try again... ...You migh5 be able to pump oil into the gallery through the oil pump pressure outlet, what's the best way to do it? Update soon...
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