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  1. when I bought mine it still has the original paint and stripes and was the opposite, typical Lotus?
  2. Just to give you a smile my friends! 😀😀😀
  3. Sorry my Lotus friends. 😀😀😀
  4. All the repairs have been done last years, car is finished now and is amazing.
  5. That's is a piece of cake compared to mine...🤣
  6. Which one is broken? One unit is rotating CW and the other ACW, I have one new but I can tell you where you can find a good used or a new one if you are lucky Giorgio
  7. Hi Jacques, yes I'm thinking about a 2-Eleven because I want a more extreme car to drive, the other option I'm thinking about is a Radical SR3 SL, but it's very difficult to find. Every time I'm opening my garage door I'm saying... ohhh what I beauty! I will never sell you! 😀
  8. Hello Scott, the car is still my garage queen and the water pump leak has been repaired with a new gasket and seal, everything is just perfect now. The rules are finally changed so now is possible to register a car like the esprit that is a EURO 0 car but I'm just thinking about as I know that I would never use this beauty as a daily driver, for me it's just a work of art. So, I will see but I think that would be for sale in the next future as I'd like to have another Lotus to drive and I'm thinking about a Lotus 2-Eleven, I will see. G.
  9. Hi Paul, I have a windscreen wiper motor and fuel sender from an S2.2 car, I think they are the same. G.
  10. Don't know about the difference about the S2 and Turbo tool kit and spanners but maybe this would help, it's from a post on FB by a Esprit Turbo owner and I hope he will not disappointed as I'm sharing the infos here. G.
  11. These are also available from SJ but I would like to say that light coming off even with these correct parts fitted is very poor. I have changed the standard bulb on the source with a brighter led, good upgrade but you will loose the dimming option of the rheostat. G.
  12. Pete at PNM Lotus has a Lotus esprit chassis jig, give him a call. G,
  13. Here how my glass work with the original wiring prior any fine adjustment, now is working even better. Sounds good? 😜 video-1589957412.mp4
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