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  1. Hello mate how are you? What happened to your car? G.
  2. giorgio67

    107 cam

    Hello Pete, sorry for the late replay, sadly I've not found the camshaft in the workshop, I've moved house time ago and I really don't know where it can be. Did you ask Lotusbits? Giorgio
  3. giorgio67

    107 cam

    Hi Pete, I think I have a good one as on my engine I have fitted a 104 cam on intake, I will have a look Sunday but I'm in Italy. Cheers Giorgio
  4. Everything you need is here, scroll down the page for the 25 and 40mm ones.πŸ˜€ G
  5. Hi, are you looking for the dished ones or the 40/25mm diameter washers? I think I have a bag of these that I've bought years ago for my restoration, I can take a look once I know what are you looking for Giorgio PS found the source of the parts where you can buy new if you are still looking.
  6. when I bought mine it still has the original paint and stripes and was the opposite, typical Lotus?
  7. Just to give you a smile my friends! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  8. Sorry my Lotus friends. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  9. All the repairs have been done last years, car is finished now and is amazing.
  10. That's is a piece of cake compared to mine...🀣
  11. Which one is broken? One unit is rotating CW and the other ACW, I have one new but I can tell you where you can find a good used or a new one if you are lucky Giorgio
  12. Hi Jacques, yes I'm thinking about a 2-Eleven because I want a more extreme car to drive, the other option I'm thinking about is a Radical SR3 SL, but it's very difficult to find. Every time I'm opening my garage door I'm saying... ohhh what I beauty! I will never sell you! πŸ˜€
  13. Hello Scott, the car is still my garage queen and the water pump leak has been repaired with a new gasket and seal, everything is just perfect now. The rules are finally changed so now is possible to register a car like the esprit that is a EURO 0 car but I'm just thinking about as I know that I would never use this beauty as a daily driver, for me it's just a work of art. So, I will see but I think that would be for sale in the next future as I'd like to have another Lotus to drive and I'm thinking about a Lotus 2-Eleven, I will see. G.
  14. Hi Paul, I have a windscreen wiper motor and fuel sender from an S2.2 car, I think they are the same. G.
  15. Don't know about the difference about the S2 and Turbo tool kit and spanners but maybe this would help, it's from a post on FB by a Esprit Turbo owner and I hope he will not disappointed as I'm sharing the infos here. G.
  16. These are also available from SJ but I would like to say that light coming off even with these correct parts fitted is very poor. I have changed the standard bulb on the source with a brighter led, good upgrade but you will loose the dimming option of the rheostat. G.
  17. Pete at PNM Lotus has a Lotus esprit chassis jig, give him a call. G,
  18. Here how my glass work with the original wiring prior any fine adjustment, now is working even better. Sounds good? 😜 video-1589957412.mp4
  19. I’ll stand correct but mine have original wiring and works perfectly, well... I spent a week setting window frame guide etc.. G.
  20. if you read 12V on the wiring cable they are not...😜
  21. Pardon my ignorance about any electrical question but: what kind of difference could be wiring the motor via relays? I mean, the glass is operated by the motor and the motor is working taking current, so IMHO does not matter from which source the motor is taking current, is just 12V supplied from whatsoever source...or I'm missing something? If in the original set-up without relays you get 12V at the motor (checking with a voltmeter) the only differences would be a safety connection, that for sure, but can't understand how this would change the speed of the window glass... Thanks for any clarification. G.
  22. At the end the Italian rules allow to register and drive the car in my country so no probs until now.. that said my car still needs some details to be finished so at the moment it’s a garage queen. Don’t know if I would keep it or not. G.
  23. I made I similar research about thirteen years ago developing a new system for more efficient engine mounts, after a lot of work I have ended with a new system that was perfect for someone and not for other buyers, if I recall correctly Matt Watts and Pete also bought the kit but they were never able to fit correctly, don't ask me why as two other esprit S2 owners bought the kit and the fitting was just perfect. Hope your development would be better than mine here the topic I've started in 2008 G.
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