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  1. Well I received the priority showroom tour email, disappointed that Lotus Silverstone were not one of the dealers, however have booked a later date with them on 2nd November to see the car Not bothered about have to pay another deposit if this is the process, as long as the promised configurator and prices are released beforehand. Frustrating to have to wait so long to see the car in the flesh having paid a deposit, this is versus the Porsche experience for the GT4 which is also pulling at me! however I want a Lotus to keep the Esprit company in the garage 🤣
  2. Been a while since I posted, but I am another satisfied customer Had been with Hagerty for 10 years with an ever increasing premium, today made the shift to AIB and got a 40% reduction on my renewal with slightly better coverage as well 😀 Really please with that and how easy it was to deal with them Nellie
  3. Hi everyone, Has been a while since I have posed on here As per title really, have done a search of the forum but cannot find anything relating to usage Has anyone fitted a 6 speed box to their V8, if so how have they found it in use Looking at the layout and the fact its straight cut does anyone know if it possible to automate its sequential operation via a powered solenoid? I ask this because on my race bike this type of gearing can be shifted flat open throttle via a momentary cut in the ignition and there are kits for bikes to add a powered solenoid for push button flat gear shift Would be an interesting conversion to carry out on the V8 Any feedback on the box would be interesting Will be dropping GTO an email to see what they say also Nellie
  4. Great post this one, Dave, pretty please lots of photo's when you take the body off, will be good to see where the fixings are as thinking of restoring my chassis in the next couple of years Nellie
  5. Hi All, After over 18 months with my car off the road I am nearing the goal of my '99 GT being back on the road. Unfortunately the last hurdle was to get a 'B' service and the cam belts changed as it has not been serviced for 2 years whilst not in use. I have enquired at the new Lotus Silverstone only to be told they do not service Esprits!!! Can anyone recommend a good Lotus garage/specialist near Milton Keynes that supports the V8 Esprit. Thanks to all in advance Nellie
  6. Looks like an intersting engine combo for an esprit, and supercharged to boot!! Can't wait to see how this project progresses. Nellie
  7. I have only managed the grand total of 112 miles in 2009 . Spent most of the year on axle stands as I refreshed the rear end chassis of the car and its still on them as I now carry out the front!!! Still will get a good full years use this year with a nice load of mods done!! Nellie
  8. HI All, As part of refurbishing the front end I am reaplcing all the bushes and ball joints as some were MOT advisories last time round. Looking at teh lower ball joints they are definately shot and I need to replace them. Has anyone undertaken this before and how is easy are they to change? Also does anyone know of anyone in the MK area who they would entrust to remove the bushes in the dampers, upper and lower arms? Thanks in advance Nellie
  9. Hi All, Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, I have some rigid brake line left over from restoring the rear rigid lines so am now going to look to use this. I only thought of the flexi lines as use them on bike Having now had a good root through the manuals and look at the car I have found some intermediate break unions in the lines to the rear so may be able to replace the rigid lines as fitted and reduce the length I have to make up and attempt to fit to the car. Just looks like a pig of a job so I will of course keep you all updated with how I achieve it. Cheers Nellie
  10. Hi All, After a little advice, I am just fitting a set of stainless hoses from SJ sportscars onto the V8 GT but have noticed the main lines have corroded to the point where really I need to replacing them. With the issue of them having to run through the chassis for the rear lines I thought it easier to replace with braided hose lines the whole length. Has anyone done this, or know a dealer who can make the lines up. Thanks in advance Nellie
  11. Ben, That is an amazing project the finish looks good enough to have been carried out at the factory. Stunning Nellie
  12. Mike, You should try your luck I have just replaced both about 6 weeks ago and they still had plenty left in when I called. Nellie
  13. Wayne, That looks like a nice piece of work What impact does it have on the boot floor? do you have to make much in the way of modifications to get the floor back in? Nellie
  14. Danny, That sounds absolutely awesome!! You'll have to get some hi-res video done once its running properly. Stunning Nellie
  15. Cor, Wow as said earlier you certainly don't hang about. The progress on the chassis is amazing, I have used POR15 on the rear of my chassis and it looks stunning when complete. Wish I had the time to take it as far as yours but I still enjoy looking at how good the car looks underneath. Looking forward to watching this project come to fruition, this was a stunning car already can't wait to see the finished project. Nellie
  16. Cor, Looks a superb effort and significant amount of achievement so far. Are you intending to paint the chassis or regalvanise whilst you have it out? Nellie
  17. Awesome bit of kit, can't wait to see and hear it when you have it fully finished. Nellie
  18. Hi, Here's my baby after a fair few months laid up, all clean and polished following a nice Sunday run: Gonna start clean up of the front suspension this week B) Nellie
  19. Kylie/Gunter I have not sealed either of these so will need to revisit the saeling, I only applied sealant to outsode of seal body as per guide I was given. I have no leaks at present but will take the pins out and reseal just to be sure. Thanks for the pointers Kylie, I also know hoe you feel about motivation!! lol I have the front end to do now but thought I would drive it for a couple of weeks before I started on that. Still it is very pleasing every time I look at the back end of the car now B) Nellie
  20. Hi All, Well its been a while since my last post on the rear end rebuild, I have managed to put it all back together, some odds and sods still to do but overall I am happy, need to crack on with the front end before my MOT is due. So reassembly, well first off I started by getting the new poly bushes fitted on the link bars as show below: Next just for sanity sake on my part I laid out all the suspension items I had to ensure I had it all too hand to put back in correctly. You will notice the spring is still all rusty I am intendng to replace the shocks in the not too distant future so will get them powder coated then From here I built hub the near side rear hub carrier, I installed the ABS sensor, caliper bracket, hub bearing and hub, using plenty of anti seize so it easy to take parts off at a later date shuld it be required. Also you will notice I left the hubs bare of paint, I just prefer them this way and now everything else is painted there should be less galvanic reaction between dissimilar materials to cause corrosion. With this completed I started the job of fitting to the car, first off I had to prepare new brake line fittings as this had been an advisor at last MOT: You would not believe how awkward that is to do on the car and laying underneath it!!!! I then fitted the new stainless brake line, again using anti seize on the dissimilar metals: That done it was time to install the turbo while I had a whole load of nice clearance!! First off I check the mating manifold face was clean then offered up the turbo and loosley connected all the hoses and pipes: I then tightened the connections and 'ta da' one shiny new turbo in place: I then refitted the Cat body (Body only as ceramic cat has long dissappeared!!!!! ) and the Quicksilver stub exhausts I got off ebay!! You'll have to excuse the dusty bodywork but it has been sat in my garage for almost 2 months on axel stands Turbo fitted I now got on with installing the radius arm bush, spacers and brackets: This was followed by placing the radius arm and nut on, I left this all loose so as to allow an easy movement of the arm in all planes while installing the hub assembly: With this in place it was on too the top link, this went in with the snubber washers and spacers, this was a very tight fit, ably assisted with the use of WD40 and a plastic mallet, the bolt run was then filled with anti seize and the bolt pushed through - I have stuck with zinc plated bolts and not stainless steel: This only left the lower link arm to install which is a lot more straight forward as it only required some WD 40 to lubricate it in and a light tap. Again once in the bolt run was filled with anti seize and a new bolt inserted: Just remember to get the right arm on each side and aligned correctly! Now it was a case of fitting the hub carrier. I did this in a number of steps: 1. I bolted the hub carrier to the radius arm (lesson 1 this was done off car on offside installation) 2. The hub carrier was bolted to the top link assembly 3. I inserted the the lower link stud (lesson 2 do not install lower link arm to chassis until this is complete) 4. I attached the shock to the lower link stud and then offered up to shock mount. 5. The lower link was reinserted to chassis 6. Spring was compressed and top nuts tightened to specification 7. All bolts were torqued up to Lotus manual settings (NOTE: Radius arm bolt is torqued up once the car is on its wheel and loaded!!!!!) This is so you do not preload the bush. 8. Rear disc was refitted and drive shaft nut (New) and washer put in place (tightened to full 250nm once car back on its wheels) 9. ABS sensor plugged back into loom. That all done I got to the final position as shown below: All that remains is to reinstall the calipers (New ones ordered from lotus and picked up and fitted 02.05.09 - pics to follow) drop the car onto its wheels and final tighten checks. All told the reassembly took 5 hours on the near side, with the lessons learnt I was able to do the offside in 1 1/2 hours including the turbo fit B) So the obligatory before and after shot!!! BEFORE: AFTER B) Although a difficult job and expensive (New hubs as well as all the bolts etc) it was well worth it and I am over the moon with the current position. There is still much more tidying up to at teh rear end but it is now starting to look like a super car again and not a rusty jalopy!! I will update shortly with brake caliper fit, gearbox seal replacement and final pics and video upload of the exhaust bark!!!! Also when I come to fit new shocks and powder coat the springs. I am also intending to buy some 200 cell cats so it can pass emissions at the MOT!!!! Thanks for reading the long winded post Nellie
  21. Hi All, Has anyone undertaken replacing their caliper piston seals? Found this site which details it but was wondering what experience others have had. Brembo Caliper Overhaul If so how difficult was it to reassemble the cailper once prised apart? Regards Nellie
  22. Hi Mike, As soon as camera is recharged will take some pics and post them up Nellie Mike, Pics of the turbine and compressor Nellie
  23. Danny/Mike, Thanks for the advice. Will need to sit down and work out how best to fit the bolts and spreader plates then! Mike, Have been considering the seat Dave Walters sells on his site or perhaps a sparco or recaro bucket. Only use my Esprit as a play thing so not really fussd about the hassle of a multi point. He says now! Nellie
  24. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has fitted multi point harnesses to their Esprit and if so, how did they achieve it? Is there a Lotus supplied kit or will I have to get something fabricated from scratch? Thanks in advance. Nellie
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