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  1. Hi Iain like you i 2 have concerns about the 'FIRE' issues having heard horror stories ov engine fires, shortly after gettin the car i started 2 get faint smells ov petrol fumes so early on i ordered a full carb gasket rep kit what a differance after the carbs were done
  2. Prior to garaging my baby at the tailend of last year , i was becuming more aware as time went on that the cars accelaration was getting worse . I put it down 2 the carbs needing abit attention, SO this was done taken off and completely striped and rebuilt with new parts as required . Performance was much better but still not right next we pinpointed the distributor as the possible culprit .So the little fellow was removed and is curently away gettin a recon rebuild ,watch this space !!!!!!!!!
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    hi Mark got a couple ov pics , trouble is im a complete amature wi thit computer ov mine am i dont know yet how to move thing about , but if you can b paitient i WILL CRACKIT !!!!!!!
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    HI first post just been told bout you lot , prased very highly , 88 Esprit Turbo owner for nearly 3 years now LUV every summer B) .
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