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  1. Hi All, Found this in my garage, my brother had it many years ago before buying his Esprit..anyone else remember or have it as well? Only the front cover scanned! LotusBuyersguide.pdf
  2. Another update to the exhaust saga! Having spent endless hours trying to resolve the issue of exhaust vibrating against the chassis and trying to align the mid box so it does not touch bodywork, I finally found a stainless steel exhaust specialist in Cardiff to sort it. He cut at the point after the 4:1 reducer and created a new section which now does not foul the chassis. He also sorted some issues with the back box and mid box. Will get some pics when I am next under it, will probably put some exhaust wrap on there too. To be fair he spent hours doing it and now it all seems to be fine. Just think the carbs need setting up now as it seems to be running a bit flat and they have not been adjusted for well over 15 years.
  3. I fitted the non LED PNM conversion to mine a few years back, a bit late for this thread, but before removal of the old units I drew some lines on my garage doors with the lights on dip and main beam to try and get them as near as possible for MOT. They seem to move anyway after adjustment, needs some nail varnish or thread-locker on the adjusters I think. I guess you will convert the sidelights next?
  4. I purchased two from no problem with them.
  5. This may be of interest to Elise owners out there!
  6. I am about to replace the red hose on my 1986 S3 as it may be the cause of the issue I am having when the car is hot. Reverse is sometimes awkward to engage. My question is which end of the stainless SJ hose goes where? Does the right angled connector fit at the master cylinder end or the slave cylinder end? Thanks in advance.
  7. sprog


  8. I had another fight with the exhaust yesterday and today, disconnecting the 4:1 and loosening the manifold down pipes, loads of copper sealant into the 4:1 pipes, re-aligned and cursed a bit.... hammered on with the exhaust U bolt idea. What I have noticed now though is that the main pipe with the flexi is just about touching one of the chassis pipes...ARGGGHHHHHHH. Appears to be no leaks now though, will see how it fares on a trip to Castle Coombe tomorrow!
  9. I have the SJ system, too. Recently fitted a 2nd system as the first one cracked after about ten years but not much mileage, possibly due to the heat/cold stress and movement of engine. The newer system uses a better clamping design on the 4 to 1 section. I too have a very slight leak to deal with on the section where the 4 pipes merge. Still contemplating removing and shoving a load of sealant with the highest temperature specification that can be found or exhaust paste, the trick is to fit it all together before the paste or sealant sets as it has to be one of the most awkward jobs to do as the exhaust is not compatible with any hitting implements to get it on to the four separate down pipes! It's shape and access is a pain to get any purchase.. so much faffing and foffing and expletives!!! Also use the copper coated nuts and washers/copper grease to help prevent nuts/studs seizing.
  10. Great rebuild Jamie, when I stripped down the aerial on mine when it failed, I discovered the nylon drive cable had snapped. So fitted a manual as an interim.... 10 years ago! I really do need to fit a replacement some time.
  11. Hi All, Just thought I would post this for for others wishing to replace headlamps. Basically mine had rusted really badly, and the threaded posts, plastic retainers etc had all lost their newnesss! I totted up the cost of original style brackets etc and then looking at various replacement headlights. As the brackets around my headlamps were not really usable for fitting lamps I then opted for the PNM units. Not cheap but not much difference in price considering all the bracket bits I needed. The headlights supplied are Cibie/Valeo and came in their original boxes with the stainless steel brackets bonded to the lights. I ordered on a Wednesday and they arrived two days later. With only a little modification to the fibreglass mounting panel (Elongating three holes for the outer headlights with a dremmel type tool) they fitted easily. In fact one of the easiest jobs I have done on the car! The inner lights mounting arrangement did not require any modifying. The thing is they will probably hardly get used in the dark so I dont know how good they will light up the road ahead!.
  12. What a great restoration - My brother once owned this car back in the late 80's when it was yellow! Great to see it is still going!
  13. Silverstone Classic 2013 Thursday 15th August on ITV4 from 9:00pm to 10:00pm All the action from the Silverstone Classic event including highlights of the thrilling pre-1966 Formula 1 race and amazing track action from old school sports cars, touring cars and the cream of F1 cars of the past. Also an exclusive interview with broadcasting legend Murray Walker and a unique grid walk through the classic Group C pack with Tiff Needell.
  14. Some photos from the Silverstone Classic 2013 - I hope the link works!
  15. Hi Daz, was nice to meet you too - your Esprit is in excellent condition, I have some pics to upload too, once I figure out how to do it!
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