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  1. Just saw that one of the blades in the middle fan underneath my 1994 esprit has a blade broken. I can't seem to search this site for the term "fan" as it is too short. I don't know how long it has been broken, but I am guessing a while as the mechanic seems to have at some time unplugged the fan and ground from the other two fans. Any ideas if there is a crossover or easy replacement part for this? Thanks in advance. Sean
  2. SCCFD30B6RHF61109 1994 Lotus Esprit S4 Calypso Red Orland Park, IL USA
  3. Thanks in advance for any words of advice or help. I own a 1994 Esprit S4. The ABS brake light has been coming on and staying on. I took it to Fox Valley Motorcars in West Chicago and they stated the problem was a (paraphrase here) "Nitrogen canister bleed ..." part that holds nitrogen pressure against the brakes and has leaked or is leaking. (EDIT- I believe it is called the ABS Accumulater AND the pump. They are saying they can be priced seperately but in reality they must be bought as a unit) They apologized when they said the price of the part alone was $3800!!! They did say that there might be an equivalent part made by Jaguar and are looking into it. Although I have paid mucho bucks for various repairs on this car in the past, this part seems high to me AND the repair people. Has anyone had similar problems with this part and do you know any options? Is disabling ABS on a 94 Esprit an actual option?(One I would rather not take if it holds significant hazards). Again I thank you in advance. Sean
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