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  1. Corfimed from factory, its that green car on the photo with final esprit.
  2. Yes that number is ZYZ KL406314-2RS made in China , but nothing here to match it up.
  3. Any crosspart help with clutch release bearing (pn A082Q4041H), i need only bearing inside ZYZ KL406314-2RS, this part no longer in produstion.
  4. Yes, thats i mentioned, from engine pipes to front of cats, sure not exhaust but dont know how many meters to buy.
  5. Somebody here done it? I would appreciate information how many meters r need incl pipes and ll end in front of cats. V8 2004 standard exhaust. thx
  6. Guy, thx for reply, i know about these cars, and ve spoked with my friend, about very low posibility to buy 72 and also about mentioned cars above, but he still wants 72. If he ll change ming i ll be happy, if u get me some more info. It ll be only collection car not for running, him or me ll never fit in these cars :))
  7. Yeah i spoke with CTL, they told me that ve some cars for sale, but still missing info which ones
  8. For close friend looking to buy original JPS F1 Lotus T72. Someone with a contact, or knows about any car for sale. Budget is no problem.
  9. has 04FE sticker "esprit V8" on the 3/4 rear window? on the LEW r pics to small to see something. "e" award sticker, where to get? pn?
  10. Bibs, cert from Andy i ve on the way, but i think its not COC, its Certificate Of Ownersip + production info.
  11. Yes from Dubai. Only issue is that they need to see COC of same car model. I still dont ve answer form factory.
  12. OK car is home, but hold by customs, it come only with invoice and thats its not enough. Can somebody pls scan for me COC for Esprit V8 for EU? I ve contacted factory, but no answer yet. Thx.
  13. Yeah i ve seen on one 03 Esprit close to me, but think its only sticker.
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