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  1. hm worst, hard to say, but if i count main facktor how i can "trust" the car at all, first is F348 and very close behind is Esprit. its t important how is car ugly or old, or how is turnig, etc, but if he reach without problem final destination in every time and weather.
  2. yeah is from easly 80s but i like it, good shots from race and what is behind race, trying to find now to see again............. if my memory is good, prost and mansell "acting" there and not sure, but think 6wheel tyrell were in f1 parts.
  3. I ve full set (15+16) including new TOYO tires from my 90SE in perfect condition.
  4. I remember this series as a child in 80s, its t only about F1, its about 2 brothers in one family racing stable getting from rally beginning to f1 champion.
  5. cca 1:01 - 1:05 , that red in back looking as G Esprit
  6. I was wondering few days ago when i got new Elise for testing and milage showing 0, never seen zero, always between 7-25km when pickuping new car . Does Lotus testing new car on the "road around factory", or milage is cleared after some test?
  7. sky_cz

    Evora LE

    as i see u ve it more complicated as we here in middle
  8. hell is back!!! .......... on road
  9. Yes its same as spotted on Nurburing on prew weekend (reg plate) my post HERE
  10. sky_cz

    Evora LE

    OMG that sux, its t possible to register car in different country? Many czech RHD cars owners, registering own cars in GB (or stil ve registred after buy), bcs here its unpossible, its forbiden by law.
  11. sky_cz

    Evora LE

    Jukka, wth? Finland is in EU, so why u pay some tax if u buy car in other EU country?? I can buy all over EU and pay nothing. Other think is to pass MOT with that car in home country.
  12. Any1 from here past weekend on Nurburgring and finished on trailer?
  13. Its 8", max u can put&push there and u need to ve empty pockets.
  14. Evora S, car for golf winners (me ) of DELL CZECH CUP (btw i ve dressed Lotus colors ) More posing pics HERE
  15. from last time, thik this one:
  16. Must say buying extinguisher were best invested money to Esprit, after i ve seen flames from engine bay. Very terrible view in rear mirror in that moment, but very quick reaction and nothing big happend after max 10 sec and nothing visible on boot, etc., Gone only 2 rubber hoses and cracked fuel return pipe. Reason were cranked pipe and than flames comes easy from hot engine. So buy extinguisher, ll save your life and car.
  17. Bibs can u show me how fits your clubs in Esprits boot? Only if r u using kids clubs in kids bag )) My clubs in 9,5" bag fits only on passenger seat, and trolley in boot.
  18. my recent problem wit hdying speedo is that speed sensor on rear wheel getting dirty.
  19. More mixed lotus types pictures here: LOTUS meeting - MELK
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