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  1. its easy, bcs we can import only 8yrs old cars from outside EU.
  2. huh, it ll be same here, it must ve some official paper from importer, how much they want for it in Belgium? ( i m sure it must be necessary) 1, i ll ask previous owner if he has some paper:)
  3. can any1 help where i can find some info or some paper or something if lotus esprit has some Euro homologation/certification, this is necessary by us for registration. thx
  4. hehehe, i prefer red 1:))) good to know if anybody know this car:))) refence is nice
  5. can any1 known take look on this car , is close to me (only 750km) and tell me opinion, i m mailing with the owner, is it in official NL lotus service, that sounds good.
  6. yep i know this 2 sites, the british long time:) (shitty right side driving cars) )))
  7. wow, u ve PM:) huh mechanics, i ve spoken with one, he said me, thats no problem, only parts could be..............i m user, i know only how to change wheel and how to fill petrol:))))
  8. can anybody tell me how tall man can drive lotus?? cant find anywhere:) i m 195cm, and i t sure if i fit inside:) driving by knees is t safe:(
  9. esprithk - eee cheap, not much, only something and most of it is t good quality (2nd class), i know better (cheaper) country for shopping - France, Sweden; eshoping - USA, HK jimmibondi - yeah but all in german,............. aber ich habe viele vergessen:)) One question:) if i ve trade certificate in germany is possible leasing or finazierung if im t german citizen? It ll be nice this way 2 buy some expensive - s4 or v8
  10. hello all, thx, yeah i ve loked on this sites in germany, but if i compare to prices in USA, it is big difference. I ve found in USA many 89/90 around 21k $ with "few" miles , yes in CA:( far away. If i look on german site 89/90 cost 23k but EUR. Other problem is, i cant find in CZ some service able t orepair/service lotus, i ve tryed 2 ask all english car dealers, any idea how much cost it in germany if is possible and where close to cz border, i ve seen closest lotus to sale in dresden (red one).
  11. thx:) Can any1 give comment 2 this car: first i ve tryed 2 ask in my money range:), and they r able 2 send overseas.
  12. Hello 2 all here from CZ, fist i m verry happy i ve finnaly found nonUK Lotus site, bcs i m trying 2 buy some Esprit 88+, as u know we drive on the opposite side so UK cars r taboo for me, bcs cz law restricted own car with right side driving, so my eyes r fixed on US, mby Italy? I ve readed espritfactfile page and i must say, its perfect, i still want own esprit, but looking here for some help find some, i hope u owners ll ve better contact in your neighbourhood, then me in CZ, as i ve said i ve found many many cars in UK (some r very cheap, i know,......), but very few found in US (trying only via internet - mainly elise and exige). I ve t problem with sportscat, my first powerful car was BMW 328i few years ago - after AC Schnitzer tunig 250kw, now i own Audi S4 - after Rieger tuning 299kw and for "shopping" MB 220 , but all these cars r "normal" in central Europe, thats way i want S4 "change" for Esprit. I ll be verry happy with any help or suggestion
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