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  1. I used Wizzard Cooling in NY. They made me a perfect drop in aluminum radiator for well under $1000. Send an email to [email protected] tell him I recommended your outfit. I introduced JAE to them as well and JAE is now doing business with them if that states anything about their quality.... good luck Paul.
  2. yet another Elise meets it fate... What happened to the occupants? Looks like they might of survived.
  3. That would be best answered by Jeff or Jay at JAE, But I think they only do black. call 'em 1.805.967.5767
  4. Chris, quite honestly the binnacle is not that hard to remove on an 88, either. I took mine off in a few minutes to replace the clock. The sender is the cheaper of the 2 hopefully that will be the culprit.
  5. I didn't think the radiator set was ready yet... last I had heard it was still in prototype. I purchased both sets. Its great quality. Still waiting 2 months for the rad set....
  6. Right Cameron. its a freakin Corvette. Might be exotic in UK but very common in the US. They are the fastest car for the minimum dollar in the US. Its cheap to maintain when you compare other cars that can hit those kind of speeds. I'd rather have an Ultima before I shell out the cash for a Vette though. a nice video
  7. My bypass was stuck in the closed position. I ordered a EBPV eliminator thingy from JAE. Its just an aluminum spacer ring with appropriate bevels. when I got the silencer and EBPV off the remains of the Cat were jamming the EBPV... I removed the throttle jack and associated hardware and vacuum piping. the bracket is the only remnant because its used for something else which names escapes me at the moment...
  8. Does this help any Chris? I'll get some better pics of the jack mounts and stuff. I could use a new vinyl bag. The PO removed the catalytic heat shield and scorched the boot carpet and melted the bag. I'm thankful he didn't burn up the Esprit.
  9. Best of luck to you, Anthony! Sounds like a very exciting and challenging new job.
  10. I followed the schematic and everything worked flawless! I tapped the 12V wire and wired up a small relay harness and mounted the assembly next to the motor with relay harness mounting brackets. Thanks Sanj!
  11. Get a new one if its damaged. Good luck with the column. That column end looks familiar, Hilly? Any progress on your project?
  12. Hi Chris, Dang I wanted those... I think you got a pretty fair deal. Call Jeff at JAE he can sort that for ya. I got new lotus logo center caps for my 88 from JAE. Not exactly cheap, but they fit and look great. Are you keeping the 88 wheels?
  13. Thanks Chris. Yeah my PO lost the keys for the car so you couldn't lock it and he managed to bend the handle itself when it wouldn't open or he got locked out. I wonder why people cheap out on stuff... The new handles look SOOOOOO much better.
  14. I'm still not convinced its a good idea to foam the holes. The manual states they are designed to allow air flow..... i dont know. How can door handles be installed wrong? I ask this as I just installed new ones. I wonder if I installed them wrong?
  15. I wouldn't do it. My siblings wont drive my Lotus without me in the car. A young driver with minimal driver training in Cincinnati, Ohio:
  16. what kind of foam did you use? Wouldn't that have the opposite effect of trapping more moisture rather than allowing free air movement? Hopefully, someone will shed some light on this subject?
  17. Dave, Looks FABULOUS !!!! I love it! Looks very good on a silver car. If I hadn't already dropped 2K on my Esprit I'd be lining up to get one. Even at the crappy exchange rate its worth it. Glass roofs are going for $900 in the US and are quite heavy. Carbon Fiber is the way to go. Maybe 09 or sooner if I win the lottery...
  18. Tony if I had the garage space I would buy her in a heartbeat.... so that being said I'm looking on building a bigger garage.
  19. I would pass... She would have to have frame issues.
  20. I agree with Tony. You MUST keep it Viper Green. Think of it. You have to ONLY viper green S1 in the world! Talk about resale value!!!!!!! no vote.. keep it original with the Green.
  21. Thanks Chris! I must be double jointed cause i didn't seem to have the troubles that you encountered. The exterior door Handles on my 88 were bent and the interior handles were missing the trim ring... i can't believe those stupid plastic trim rings were $5 bucks each!!! Stupid POs!!!
  22. I'll see you up there, Tony! What time are you getting there? I'll try to get there before dark, but I'm counting on rush hour traffic to slow me down. I'm gonna leave straight from work... perhaps even duck out a little early to avoid the traffic.
  23. I inquired about rims for my 88. I was looking at the OZ Nova. A good friend told me this: Stock sizes for the 88 was unique... 7J x 15 @ +23.3 inset FRONT 8J x 15 @ -20.3 inset REAR
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