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  1. No doubt about it!!! i just thought I was imagining she was saying that....being the pervy I am....
  2. almost made himself a Darwin Award candidate.....maybe next time when he tries to remove the stuck gas cap!
  3. Hi Patrick, So where did you get pulled over in Kentucky? I bet you were on I75... Gorgeous Esprit! Love those wheels!
  4. Hi Lou! Out of curiosity... what color did you get for the JAE Silicone hoses and you got any pics of the engine after the hose swap? Did you also replace the vacuum lines?
  5. a bit of advise that was given to me... BUILD IT AS BIG AS YOU CAN..... you can never have TOO much space! once you start building it will cost twice as much to change plans or build an addition. Do it once, be done and happy!
  6. Love the garage Tony! WOW... nice spot for the Porsche... What year is the 944 turbo? I almost bought one.... but ran out of garage space...
  7. Russ, If you go through Cincinnati and have the time, drop me a line. be nice to meet ya. Go Bengals!!!
  8. Glad to help!!! pics too... Probably gonna convert my Esprit over too... added to the LONG list...
  9. Hi Nick, Have you tried I haven't used them.... Be aware when you use LEDs for turn signals you may experience problems... from the website:
  10. That could also apply to Kentucky! Shoes and shirt are "optional"
  11. Nice video Tony!!! love that Merak. Sounds beautiful... Of course your S1 give me goosebumps...
  12. GREED I see it all the time with ebay auctions with no reserve. The car doesn't go high enough and the owner stops the auction... few days later its being auctioned again.... A$$clowns!!! Sorry about your luck... But look at it as it was meant to be... and find another one.
  13. Yeah finding a used Ultima in USA? It would be easier to find Jimmy Hoffa! Seriously... How cool would it be to build it yourself? put the LS7 engine in it..... that would be my dream!
  14. Thanks Wayne... now in Kentucky we use terms like "get dem dare racing tape (duct/gaffers tape) I gotta fix my winder" or you don't need them there fancy smancy wheel covers, its just fer purdy", "Did you just fart? Cuz you just blew me away" --- common pickup line.
  15. Eric... the interior is GORGEOUS!!! Overall very very nice...
  16. Anyone? I feel I'm missing something here? What does beardiness mean?
  17. Hey!!! How did I end up there? I don't remember that? Wonder how many holes he left in the Police station....
  18. You suck!!! :laughing: My brother lives in Apex, NC... I tell him the same thing....
  19. I haven't heard that one before..... Don't forget Triumph. My Tr3 used to leak until I drained out all the oil..... Its awaiting an engine rebuild
  20. Very nice!!! looks stealthy... I couldn't imagine driving an Esprit in snow.... guess it would take some getting used to...
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