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  1. If I were in the market for a drag racer, I'd buy it! Think about it.... a LOTUS doing a 9 second quarter mile! That is a feat! No real Lotus Esprit can do a 9 second run! It is very well thought out and very well engineered. Granted he placed a rear bumper on the front but he did do a good job blending it in. It's a tube chassis with Lotus panels bolted to it. Its not really a Lotus as is any drag racing caring car... they are all tube chassis with plastic panels draped over them. There is nothing sacrilegious about it!

    Just my 2Cents...

  2. Contact Ray at RD Enterprises 01-215-538-9323 he sent the last one he had to me and I posted it to John. It was $56 with shipping to me then another few dollars to John... Extremely expensive for a gasket that doesn't really fit. I'm sorry John, I was hoping you wouldn't have much trouble....

  3. Price is way low.... I would suspect a scam. Notice there is no other information other than serial number which is clearly visible on the front windscreen. Any person could snap those pics and place an ad. SCAM!

    Personally, I stay away from this deal...

    "If the price is too good to be true it probably isn't"

  4. At the time, the steering column and steering wheel were removed from the car, but it was still a pain. I broke 3 drill bits, one tap, and my cordless drill when I threw it across the garage... The pedals were cheap but replacing my cordless drill and repairing the hole in the wall... :smoke:

    Thanks for the kind compliments everyone. :welcome:

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