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  2. Hitachi colour telly, think from the early 70's or late 60's. Was only a 12" screen. Still working although unused at my dads house in france (he never throws anything away!)
  3. followed me in my lacetti from the a38 roundabout and turned off derby road . Never seen a perlescent esprit in the flesh and it looked very nice! Was either a turbo or an se not sure. The driver looked like he was definitely enjoying the sun, the car or probably both! Was mentioned to me by a guy at work this one had been seen around. Anybody on here?
  4. I have the same problem with my Three phone great for downloading in the car park at work but rubbish and frustratingly slow at home. Never so bad that nobody can call me though
  5. It'd be a good thing too if there are only parts buried and not whole aircraft as it'll mean more surplus parts for the Spitfires left in flying condition. Might help the guy who pancaked his Spitfire at east mids airport the other day!
  6. Go Japanese! Civic Type R FD2 4 doors, easy on the eyes, rare in the UK and quick to boot!
  7. Whilst at work the other day, I had the pleasure of having to inspect a cosworth engine prior to shipping. It had been rebuilt here and was being shipped back to the states, and when I checked its documentation, I found it belonged to a lotus 18 formula junior! The box also contained 2 shiny new/rebuilt weber carbs. Not sure if it came from the same vehicle, but Jim Clarks old lotus 18 formula junior was sold in the US not so long back for not very much considering it's heritage. Perhaps the motor came from this vehicle? I felt all warm and fuzzy that I'd been in the presence of and able to touch a possible piece of Lotus history.
  8. Is it possible to reuse a cambelt once fitted to a car? I had mine replaced in a service a couple of weeks ago on my chevy and it needs to come off again for some other work. I'd rather not pay for it again if I don't need to
  9. Thanks for the congrats guys, gonna be a lot of hard work for sure! Have settled on the idea of a Vauxhall zafira.......I almost cried! Have to put off buying another esprit indefinitely too. On the plus side, at least I can pay for a zafira with the pot of money I'd saved for an esprit! Oh, and to carpet the new house we'll have to move to. I'll still come here and keep my finger in the lotus pie, never know when my euromillions numbers will come up
  10. Have found out in the last week that my wife is pregnant......and there's 2 of them waiting to hatch! Following the shock and happiness and liberal consumption of jack Daniels over the weekend, it's down to the business of findng a vehicle to replace my small family hatchback. I already have an 18 month old son, so whatever we get, it'll need space for 3 baby seats. I must stress that I want to steer clear of people carriers and go for a large saloon, such as a Vauxhall insignia. So, anyone have experience of fitting 3 baby seats into a large saloon? Very open to suggestions
  11. Short of a wealthy relative dying or a lottery win,I'm looking forward to another 40 years or work,and now to be told i may still have to work til I drop?!? They may as well just make mandatory suicide law at a certain age.....hmm sounds like some old tv show I know
  12. Black or dark coloured v8 esprit at 0530 today at the roundabout at the top of castle donington next to the at dhl?pm me!
  13. Nice S3 Esprit,looked like it may have had Turbo intakes and a few other Turbo bits of bodywork at Staunton Harold reservoir around 1500 today,didn't get up close to avoid sad reminiscence lol. Was waiting to see who was driving but you'd started up and gone before I could say hi.
  14. This is also known as an alcubierre drive,there's a Wikipedia page about it,interesting they're now saying that the power requirements are far lower than first thought.
  15. How very sad, rest in peace!
  16. The proverbial penny has dropped, thanks muchly another thing to add to the 'to do' list once I'm an owner
  17. Ok,so it basically means by doing this that the pulley is held in place prevented and from "slipping" on the intermediate shaft if the bolt isn't tight enough?is that right? Would the bolt backing out not mean catastrophic piston/valve damage with this modification then?
  18. What's the reasoning behind doing this?what does it prevent happening?
  19. Wood was the choice as a nod to green ethics!coal is just too dirty.....and plus I can put the wife to work during the day collecting wood.Newcastle is a touch far for a few sacks of coal tbh,plenty of closed pits around here though,hundreds in fact! The lad appreciates the thought,but he's far too happy up the chimneys with the pigeon poo to want to go hunting for shells......we may go to skegness once he's made us a few shillings though,assuming I don't spend it all on bread,dripping and ale.
  20. It would by no means be a daily (and only!) car,plus I'm changing jobs imminently which means I won't have to commute any more,so to look at them now would be as good a time as any! I've just downloaded the application for abs,so I shall check it out for myself
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