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    93/94 Lotus Esprit 2.2 Turbo
  1. Thanks again for all the help. It looks like 2-3 cylinders fuel system is not working I put new coils thinking it was that first. I pulled the plugs and the 2-3 looked like new and 1-4 were loaded up. Lotus tech says bad wire someplace. anybody else have this problem?????? Now my service light is on and I have a cable coming in wed to hook up to my computer.
  2. Thanks everyone I will get to this weekend and let you know. Sounds like a great place to start looking.
  3. Strange I went out this morning and the car started fine and drove fine. came home after a coffee run and after 1/2 hour went out to go somewhere and it started but have the same problem no power issue .
  4. Hello I have 93 lotus esprit it started after long winter but no power. No engine lights I replaced plugs fuel filter and air filter as a start. Car ran fine, I took on 1 hr ride came home and decided to go again after an hour. Again no power acted like I was running on 2 cyl. any clue thanks
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