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  1. Could be a number of things mate. A stone or some sort of foreign body got flicked up there. One thing to do is hek to see if the belt moves backwards and forwards on the sprockets while the engine is running and then check it again with someone depressing the clutch. I had a quarter of an inch tear in mine last year only spotted it when I checked the alternator belt tension. It just so happened to be in line with the alternator at the time. What ever did it was no longer around but I was lucky to spot it.
  2. It is usualy the pigment in the base coat (the red) that fades. Polishing up the laquer/clear coat will do very little. Sorry but true. It is one of the biggest reasons I have never had a red car. The problem becomes more promenant when you repair a panel even if it looks good in daylight under street lamps it can look completely different.
  3. To be honest it is not as diffiult a job as many have said. In fact the V8 seems to have more room to work around the cam belts. It cannd be a bit of a bind going through the lock down procedure each time you adjust the tension but I manged to get each belt within 2Hz of each other (110hz and 112Hz)
  4. congratulations! I wish you both all the best for the years to come .
  5. mine is called Penny for several reasons. It's copper(ish) it ties in with the bond bit, and it cost me a prety penny to restore her.
  6. as others have said the wrinkle finish is no longer available .but i am in contact with a company that is developing a new wrinkle paint at the moment but as yet there is no time scale . I have sent them samples of our colour and finish so at least there may be some hope for the future
  7. My Grandad was also a POW in Italy which by all accounts was hell on earth. He loved Italy and always wanted to move there at some point. Some how he must of got lost though becuase they ended up in Adelade. I hope it sells well, and nothing shameless about it.
  8. Think of it more as a packaging arrangemet. The engine and gearbox are only two parts to the puzzle. You also need to position the rest of the mechanical items around the ar for best weight distribution. Fuel Tanks for example again best kept low and between the front and back wheels. It is all about ditributing the parts around the car as low as possible to create a very low roll centre and still maintain the optimum distribution usual most cars aim as close to the above mentioned 50/50 but often have a small bias over the rear driven wheels.
  9. If it only happens now and again and usualy over bumps I would check the bulkhead bolts and the fuel tank bollts. Also inspect your engine and gearbox mounts as there may be access movement there causing something to knock in extreme conditions.
  10. Early S3 pre '85 used GT6 uprights and trunions which was replaced with the same Toyota set up seen on the early Stevens. The Engine was pretty much unchanged in the S3 until the release of the S3 HC which was the HC engine from the Excel SE. It had a higher compression ratio which increased the power to 176bhp (180bhp in the Excel SE due to its Exhaust) this also brought with it a slightly different vacuum system for throttle advance through a throttle jack. The interior went through several very minor changes but the S3 HC had a different door card design and seats (which were very sexy). Th
  11. The gearbox is in the ideal position for a mid mounted engine design. The criticism is of the gearbox choice and the some times notchy gear change linkage. Quite a few cars now have cable operated gear linkage completely unknown to the owner so what can be expected is a far smoother gear change and one would hope a much better choice of gearbox from the start. The citreon box was always able to handle the power of the early S1 through to the S3 but suffered a bit with heavily driven S3 Turbo where the power output was reaching the limits of the power handling of the gearbox. Again the Renault
  12. Yep all though acidents were cause by the presence of the speed camera. None of these cars would have crashed otherwise. Mmmm but the fuzz will be happy because they get to fine them for speeding and driving without due course care and attention.
  13. Happy Birthday mate, hope you had a cracker B) all the best Troy and Caroline.
  14. I apologise for my lack of communication of late but have been having a few issue's this end to rival to that of a good Greek tragedy ............ well maybe a seldom told and obscure one, but less than fun. I will respond to those who have PM'ed me questions but if anyone has recently emailed me could they please resend their requests and I will deal with them promptly. Due to a computer failure I have lost most of my previous communications. I have had some very disappointing results from a courier company that I have been using with one having to be collected from a depot due to the b
  15. Well we picked up Tikaani on Friday which I was really getting quite excited about. She has settled in really well. First night back we decided to sleep on the sofa bed so that she get used to the house with out to much distress. Well being woken up to a small dog licking your armpit is far from ideal. The next night we left her downstairs on her own she wined for a while and then went asleep. Last night she decided that she would venture up the stairs so yes you guessed it I'm back on the sofa bed until I get a stair gate. Anyway here are a few pics of her and a quick video link.
  16. Look lets face it putting money on booze to stop under age drinking and binge drinking is rubbish. There are laws in this country about selling alcohol to anyone under the age of 18. So how about they actually enforce these laws. You know take away the licence from the shop that sold the alcohol and fine them . Do that to one or two shops in an area and the others will get the message. But as all of our police are to tied up checking our car TAX that isn't going to happen. Here is another, how about a bit radical I know but we actually do something to the kids that do break the law. Lock t
  17. I always thought it would be nice to have Guy Fawlks Night much earlier in the year If this was any other country we would have blockaded the ports and all gone for a drive at the same time on the motorways untill the country grinds to a halt. But nope we can't and won't. Under Terrorism act in fact me saying this could get me imprisioned indefinately. So bend over and take it like you know you have to.
  18. I love the update to the Europa, so much so I said so when thet first released the car
  19. Caroline and I went up to pick out our puppy today. We stayed for a while for the dogs to get used to us while we picked a pup and let one pic us. Well we finally made out choice, Caroline wanted to take 3 of them home with us, but eventualy we picked one. I got a photo but it is somewhat blurry as I couldn't get them to sit still. All being well we should have it in a couple of weeks. We have decided to call her Tikaani (subject to terms and conditions and a 5 year old causing issues).
  20. A sad loss and far to young to go. I di enjoy the show although I still prefer Foose over Boyd designs. I always take these kind of shows on face value and ignore the entertainment side of it. I just sit back and watch all the technical marvels these guys manage. I don't watch TV much at all but when I do it is American Hotrod, American Chopper, Souther Chopper, and Overhaulin.
  21. I have this whole job coming up on fishy's car. We will be swapping his Twin 40's for 45's, installing an electric CC water pump, a S4 charge cool rad, the later HC inlet manifold and water pump, Crank Trigger Sensor, Knock Sensor, Lambda sensor, MAP sensor, ECU controlled ignition, coil packs HKS BOV, custom made plenum adapter, Boost controller, Ali header tank and a rolling road session. I am very weary of running a CC from an ageing or come to think of it any distributor system. At least with the ECU ignition it can be set up to run with the correct ignition curve and with the other
  22. Just tried to sort out my domain name to post a holding page and get my business cards and stuff printed up only to find that my domain provider has cancelled my account. Apparently they sent an email to the wrong address which obviously I didn't get. So I tried to get it all conected back up again. 2 hours later and I am yet to find an English speaking representative of their company. When I ask to spek to their supervisor they hang up. Obviously scared about loosing their job. All I wanted was this issue resolved. So long story short I have now bought two new domains
  23. Come on people this will not be made unless you sign up here. One thing I will guarantee is that a hell of a lot of you will not realise just how bad your suspension is untill you sit in an updated/renewed car. So if you are even thinking about it I would say do it the difference even in the later cars is remarkable and some of the cars are half the age of ours.
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