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  1. The two picture you have shown are both early turbos and more than likely were the dry sump/essex derivetive. The car should measure 170mm to the bottom of the chassis crossmember on the front and 170mm to the rear lower link chassis brackets. Measured at mid laden weight. The Essex/dry sumps sat lower as the spring were 12mm shorter. B)
  2. Ok I have had several communication with a Silicon hose company and they have been very helpful. I can get kits made up and the few hoses that can not be sourced from standard parts will require custom tooling. They have indicated at the cost of the tooling and believe me it is not cheap but not to much difference to other companies that I have talked to. I propose to make kits available from a combination of straight lengths, elbows, aluminium joiners, and a minimal custom hoses. Could I please have some indication of people that would be interested in the following four cylinder kits. I a
  3. I've been there mate! Best advice I can give is to take a load of pics to look back on. Set yourself main stage targets. When you reach any of the targets sit back and congratulate yourself on the work you have done. If you always look towards the end of the build it will seem impossible to reach. Little victories is how wars are won. You doing a cracking job keep it up.
  4. 3. Yep me to. Just about had enough of the high specs. Compared to the new lotus stuff they are pants.
  5. Simon you may struggle to get a sharp corner at the floor tunnel join doing it in one piece. I know trimmer usually use steam to relax the carpet in area's they wish to manipulate. Not sure how well your chosen carpet will manage. May be worth testing on some off cut.
  6. I think when any of us stop to think about politics in general it gets us down. Our leaders are supposed to be representative of the people. But on the whole they are about as far removed from the average Joe as can be. We dislike a lot of the rules which they inflict upon us and how they are done. Most governments now rule by taxation years back it was violence its all a form of oppression. The lines between dictatorship and democracy gets blurred with every passing year. Worst thing is we are powerless to do anything about it. Those who read this and say well you get to vote, please stop a m
  7. Hope your feeling better mate. Will give you a call later anyway.
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