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  1. What is the Lotus Esprit's bolt pattern cause I saw a set of 16" volks with Toyota bolt pattern that I like very much. Just need a little help. Thanks. Oh and the Volks are TE37s
  2. But just for the hell of it anyone no where i could get the v8 biturbo or fuel injected engines from if not a place that sells remanufactured motors thanks
  3. The only reason i brought about the idea is because I would like to do a custom turbo upgrade and dont really know if the car will run to lean with more boost but beside that I love my carbs too they pretty cool. do the carbs function properly at higher boost
  4. I own a 1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo and love the car but would love to switch to the fuel injected models like the 1990 Esprit or better like the v8 biturbo if possible. I've been seaching up and down the internet but have yet to find a place that sell me a full motor and electronics. I've only run into old variants of the 910 series engine that with the carbs. I figure to come to you guys for help since I'm new when it come to modifing a lotus since I've own Porsche 944s all my life. Help please Jason
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