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  1. Is it turbo charged?!! Adorable picture!
  2. Oh shit....apart from the Esprit, we have a Mazda and a BMW, so what the f*** does that make us then? I'm not looking forward to the response on this one!!!
  3. PMSL....Wensum travelling carvery. Yeah the queue would be so long it would travel half way around the circuit at least!! Si check your in-box 'cause I'm sending you a message!
  4. Not me! I'd love to be there, but unfortunately I can't :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: Gutted. It's one of my favourite days of the year.
  5. Congratulations to you both, and the house and garden are stunning. You must be both over the moon!
  6. Yes! I lived with a cat that ate scones, mince pies, crisps, chocolate, cheese....anything it could swipe basically. The kitchen ended up looking like fort knox!
  7. From a woman's perspective, Daniel Craig is without doubt my favourite Bond I was reading an article about the crashed car, apparantly it never even made it to the set. It was one of six Aston's being delivered from England, not a stunt driver at the wheel but a delivery guy. An onlooker described the car as being driven incredibly fast along a road that is narrow and bendy. Idiots....they should have used an Esprit......
  8. This thread always makes me smile....been there, done that. I don't recall ever taking the roof off the S4, but a few years ago, one fine sunny day, we decided to head off in the current Esprit. JBF decided he would take the roof off and stow it in its roof bag in the boot....had to take it with us really as this is England and the weather is reliably shite. 20 minutes or so later he stormed in looking decidedly peed off.....having gotten the glass in the roof bag, he was then completely unable to get it in the boot. He came straight to the LEF site in search of help. This site really is an invaluable source of Esprit references. I decided to casually have a go, and slotted it into place first attempt. It really is a matter of getting it in on one side on a bit of an angle and rotating round a bit. With the roof bag on, it is much more tight on the fit. Also, I have found that it absolutely will only go in one way, and one way up....but I am going to actually have to refresh my memory as to which is which. I think the video is a superb idea
  9. 1&2 Bibbo and Laura 3 Mat 4&5 Simon and Lisa 6&7 Paul & Sarah 8 Kimbers 9,10&11 Sy, Gail & Dan 12 & 13, bigsi and possibly kelly 14 & 15 theelanman and mrs 16 Andydclements 17&18 OwenGT3 and Passenger? 19 Ian May (Mayesprit) 20 Martyn 21&22 Cliff & Caroline ( gghc87 ) 23&24 Yasuo (& St
  10. What a lovely way to say 'I do'. Hope all goes smoothly and many congrats.
  11. NO NO NO!!! You have to let the Porsche get caught!! Just today I was travelling along a quick moving country lane on me way to Kingsclere, and there hiding(?) just off the road was a cop way would you have seen it 'til it was too late coming from the opposite direction. My signal to the first car I saw bombing towards me was two flashes of the lights and the thumb going over my right shoulder. He gave me the thumbs up and was breaking as I looked back in my rear view.
  12. Kimbers.....PMSL!!! Roger...I'm a fan of the great Sylvia, have some of her Handel and Bach recordings, they are phenominal. If you like her, you might also enjoy Barbara Bonney and Susan Gritton but as you so rightly say, it all comes down to personal taste and opinion. I also love X neighbour hated it so of course, I used to play it really quietly
  13. Eddie I'd love to, I really enjoy this kind of thing. Alas, going into hospital on 24th this month and will be out of action for around 3 months or so. I'm absolutely gutted as I'll miss Heythorp and Castle Combe
  14. Never seen this idea before and I think it's fab, should be made compulsory on all massive cars/4 by 4's that take up so much flaming room in car park spaces. Yet again I had my side banged into by someone carelessly opening their huge 4 by 4 car door....I was quietly sitting in my car eating a butty at the time, don't think they knew I was there....they looked pretty shocked when I shot the window down to express my feelings!
  15. I had not even bothered to mention this, as I was decidedly underwhelmed by it but seeing as someone else has mentioned the 'P' word....... I went on quite a long journey recently, travelling in a 911 Turbo, and shared the driving. I was not remotely excited at the prospect of driving it, they look decidedly dull on the outside, and despite having all mod-cons and buttons galore on the inside, not to mention impressive acceleration, I was left as I said, feeling underwhelmed by the experience. And I know what I'd far rather be driving this summer
  16. Paul Potts as an adult studied singing with Ian Comboy. A s a youngster, Paul sang as treble, so I'd say the desire has always been there, along with some training. He also appeared on Barrymore's 'My Kind of Music' in 1999, but oddly, passed relatively unnoticed; he did'nt win but did take home around 8K which he used to have singing lessons in Italy in 2000 and 2001, including a master-class with Pavarotti. Some reports, including the BBC Wales homepage, have reported him spending upto 20k on his career.....that's quite a few singing lessons! He has also appeared in numerous productions with the Bath Opera Company, between 1999 and 2003 as well as other amateur operatic productions. He seems like a nice bloke, good on him for persuing his dreams. It can't be easy laying yourself on the line infront of the likes of Simon Cowell.
  17. Howard, if you ever have the chance to hear her live, take it. The voice pins you to the back of your chair, it is truly unbelievable. I spoke to her afterwards; you could not wish to meet a more down to earth person, she was lovely.
  18. Lovely looking car, always like a cream interior, thanks for posting pictures. Granada I am not familiar with at all. I make an annual pilgramage to Barcelona (best city in the world) and then drive on to the coast to L'Estartit. I have never seen an Esprit whilst in Spain, although I did see one Elise last year. Bet your car is attracting quite a bit of attention.
  19. Cure......down 1 bottle of Jack Daniels.....pain will soon disappear!
  20. Hola! And welcome! Where abouts in Spain are you?
  21. I'm with you Howard....give me a sop. over a tenor anyday. I'd also agree that Paul Potts is just ok, it's always very touch and go whether or not he sustains at the top. I guess I'm not that crazy about tenors fullstop. It's quite wonderful to see Roocroft's name mentioned....she never really took off over here, yet in other countries, she's massive. In my opinion, her voice is THE voice of her generation, it's utterly incredible. Had the pleasure of hearing her sing live in Oxfordshire last year; a very small venue,private home. I was lucky enough to know someone who knew someone...who got me in! Will never forget it. She's currently appearing in The Merry Widow at E.N.O. and her face is plastered all over the tube! Kennedy not so my taste, a bit quirky for me; I prefer Little or Vengerov. Sounds are so subjective, and personal. I tend to mainly listen to house, dance and trance. Also love Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd.
  22. They are a string quartet Howard, though on electronic instruments, very much in the same vein as 'classical' popularist girl group Bond. This kind of souped up take on classical music goes straight over my head. Perhaps if I were bi-sexual it would have more provenance...
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