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  1. We have had numerous problems with the alarm. However, it has never gone off whilst washing the car!
  2. What a BUMMER. Glad you are okay.
  3. Katie


    Happt Birthday, have a great day!
  4. Do you know who it is Eddie? Is it anyone off the forum?
  5. Spotted 1.25pm, Thursday 10th April, very smooth looking azure blue, possibly S4, sorry was not able to get a better look at you. You were either on Grazeley Green Road or Goring Lane.....anyway, the stretch that is between Burghfield Common and the A33. I'm sure Setras has spotted an Azure blue one other than myself in this area before.
  6. WOW....what a lovely start to my day. Spotted you this morning at 9.30, approaching the roundabout at junction 11 M4. Black, reg. possibly B240... could not get a really good look at you but I'm thinking turbo/essex. Absolutely fantastic to see those angular lines cutting through the rest of the crap on the road, made my day. Not spotted an Esprit for what seems like ages.
  7. Yup! That, and being brought home on a low loader!!!
  8. Welcome Nice to see more members from Berkshire! Hopefully it won't be too long before your car is on the road and you find youself ''spotted'' on here!!
  9. I too do quite a bit of buying and selling. Curiously, I have also noticed an increase in parcels mysteriously going missing. Once I have posted a parcel it is no longer my responsibility. I always get a proof of postage, and post it to the buyer if they claim their parcel never arrived. It is the buyer's responsibility to chase up a lost parcel, using the info from the proof of postage. 98% of the time all goes well. I am astonished to read though, that from May, sellers can no longer leave negative feedback. Why the hell not?? I also think sellers should be able to have a gold star rating for their buyers, just as buyers have for sellers. The time dispatched star is a complete waste of time.....I dispatch very promptly; it's not my fault if the post office take ages to deliver a parcel, yet I can get left with a crappy comment!!
  10. Happy Birthday Laura, hope you are having a great day! x
  11. If I'd known, I'd have baked you a big cake!! Happy birthday to you, hope you have a great day Hugs.....just from me, not Jason!!!
  12. Katie

    My Daddy

    Oh Louise, I am so sorry to hear this. So shocking to lose someone suddenly like this. Sincere condolences to you and your family.
  13. Apologies, neither of us are able to make this event. Have a great hoon!
  14. Hey Jussi! Pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing. Hope to see you at another meet sometime. KT
  15. You were there..... Deep envy! Although....I'm going to the Monaco race
  16. FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC! What a great start to the season. Brilliant race with loads going on. I too had a 3.30am alarm call. Chuffed Lewis won, after all the crap that accompanied the end of 2007 season.
  17. Definitely try Citizen's Advice. I had invaluable help from them on two occasions regarding two seperate issues with the same neighbour! Their help was outstanding.
  18. I'm completely with Jonathan on this one; although it is interesting to read all the comments. "I've never had a problem".....once you have experienced a problem, and lost an Espirt and almost a partner, it kind of changes your thinking somewhat.
  19. I should have added a reply to this earlier. Sorry Eddie, we are both working and cannot make it.
  20. I'd welcome some advice please. When looking to buy the current Esprit, the first port of call was the Lotus Esprit World site, and eventually found exactly what we were looking for there. Is there an equivalent when looking to buy an Elise? Obviously this is going to be an infinitely more saturated market. Many thanks.
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