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  1. Is this Setras's watched with volume turned up! Also for a giggle......
  2. Oh sorry to hear of this. I hope they get you sorted and you feel a bit better soon.
  3. Welcome. And WOW....your car looks stunning!
  4. OMFG... PMSL!!!! Okay here go my responses..... 1. 5ft 11in... yeah that's a pretty nice height 2. Good looking....looks are'nt everything 3. 12-and-a-half stone... so that makes his BMI 24 ish. I personally don't mind them a little more cuddly :-) 4. Earns more than
  5. Spot on Howard. Unfortunately I can relate to much of that!
  6. That's always the way I look at it Atle, the stats of it being a long time 'til next time. I fly from Heathrow on Sunday myself.
  7. WOW Dodgy, looks like you are having a fantastic time out there. Where abouts in Canada are you?
  8. That's a really interesting thread you have started Ade. It kind of illustrates a point I feel about owning an that they are relatively inexpensive to buy, but likely going to cost quite a sum to keep going. We have had a much kinder year with ours this year, last year not so good and easily ran to
  9. Katie

    Oh my God!

    OH my God! Also good on utube are 'breaking the sound barrier' clips and 'sonic boom' clips!
  10. Mark, so sorry to see and read this, absolute bummer. The main thing is you are okay. I guess it's too early to say what the damage is.....really concerned to see roof dislodged and angle of rear wheel.
  11. Katie

    Nora Virus

    It sounds absolutely dreadful, especially the projectile vommiting bit. I had to go for a blood test today and in the waiting room, someone was throwing up into a disposable bowl.... not nice.
  12. Always had excatly the same problem. My answer is the same as Martyn....get a trickle charger...worked a treat for us.
  13. Now that's just showing off!!!!!
  14. Oh God I never tire of seeing that clip, classic.
  15. Great picture Louise, I'd have liked to have seen that myself.
  16. Hate them, find I have to take them way more carefully/slowly than in the MX5 or BMW535. Uusally no problem clearing them when taken at painfully slow speed. Occasionally front splitter catches/scrapes.
  17. I thought there were some changes to the siting of the spoiler too. I thought on the earlier V8's you kind of had to lean over the spoiler to get in the boot, with it being sited on the back of the car as oppopsed to the boot lid. I'm 5'3'' and found it somewhat awkward leaning over into the boot of an earlier V8 we looked at...the later ones it's on the boot so lifts away. Apologies if I'm talking bollocks here.
  18. Welcome Gareth Excellent choice of car. And love the screen-name. How about showing us all your car? We'd love to see. Hope you can get to one of the LEF events this year.
  19. Oh Si, never even occurred to me you could have your license taken away. I'm so glad that's not the case. Hopefully when your tests are completed they'll have something positive/concrete for you to work with. Fingers crossed.
  20. Now that's what I call a good Christmas Kylie!
  21. PMSL!! Especially at the bit where you are guiding wimmin drivers to reverse into the very grateful I was not one of them. My reversing is about as crap as it gets!!
  22. Neither of us would....neither of us can take it to work, I could not get ours in the car park at work due to the gate entrance/slope. If it goes wrong, which they annoyingly do, it's never a three day turn around to get it back on the road again....that's our experience of an S4 and a V8 going wrong. The problem has always been the headache of locating parts. And, in taking the car to a specialist, we have never been able to have work carried out quickly, and live relatively near to an excellent Esprit specialist. We live in a rural area where the roads get bad for quite a few months of the year....lost the S4 one December night and JBF lucky to be alive after that crash. The fact that he is speaks volumes about the car. I think that experience alone was one of the deciding factors on off-roading when we do. Or perhaps we are just middle aged and dull!!! I think the fact the car only did 600 miles last year likely proves that!
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