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  1. Si, have you been trying to lower your weight?
  2. My understanding is a US 11 is a UK 9, absolutely not a problem. I have also driven ours in 5 inch heels...but that's possibly not a route you are seeking to explore!!!
  3. All the best Si, try to stay relaxed and positive. Thinking of you.
  4. I am decidedly below average.
  5. That's lovely Si; brought back lots of memories of that amazing day at Castle Combe.
  6. Aweeeeee....congratulations Auntie Laura!
  7. OMG...the mixed grill there is awesome. And a good car park....not a bad place to meet up....
  8. VitaMix500 (I requested this so it was a welcome kitchen gift!), earrings...that are gorgeous and a complete surprise, lingerie, a nice aerial pic of the house, a hotel stay in Paris and a partridge in a pear tree! JBF got a smart new suit, LED head lamp for when he's out in the shed etc., twin revolving mirror ball disco lights, electric tooth brush, undies and socks 'cos he does not notice the current ones are knackered, two pairs of slippers...he's always losing them, choccies, books and a kit to build the inside of the tardis! Unfortunately we were both flu ridden by xmas day and it was a bit of a wash out.... and we both look a bit shit! However, the roast dinner, courtesy of The Old Bell at Grazely, was fab!
  9. Count me in if you don't mind me considerably lowering the standards....I'll be in me MX5 as Lotus is off roaded 'til April
  10. I bought two warm jumpers, posted within the UK December 14th and they have still not arrived JBF bought me some earrings which he spotted online in Florida. Again ordered in plenty of time but did not arrive until after Christmas.
  11. Katie

    David Blaine

    I almost got excited for a moment then....thinking he was doing another of his mad stunts. Did anyone go to see him when he was in the box at London Bridge? Incase you missed it.......
  12. Jussi, these are simply stunning pictures, incredibly beautiful. I particularly like the perspective of the fourth one. Good to spend time alone sometimes. And good to have space to think. You are in my thoughts.
  13. Hope you are feeling better soon. We have both had proper flu too....Christmas was cancelled here! It makes you feel totally wiped out so take it easy. Lol just reading your post's the cheapest xmas we've had in memory. Only spent a tenner the past 9 days and that was on a delivery pizza a couple of nights ago. There are also unopened choccies here which is decidedly unusual...I'm something of an industrial hoover when it comes to chocolate, usually!
  14. Definitely check LEW regularly. We picked ours up from there, it had only been on two days I think when we spotted it, so they can get snapped up very quickly. Oh that I could stretch to Krishna's Sport300, I bloody love that car!
  15. Merry Xmas to all on the forum. It's been a very special year meeting so many of you, your cars, and attending great events. We spent a somewhat miserable xmas day in bed with proper flu. I had xmas dinner all booked at the local pub. Alas we had to ring and cancel it. Well what angels they are at the Old Bell in Grazely......they plated up two fab xmas dinners, xmas puds and brandy sauce, mince pies and xmas crackers for us. There are some lovely people out there....
  16. Sorry Eddie no can do. I'm off to Paris on Wednesday(oooh la-la!) and then away visiting Mum/friends over Christmas.
  17. Glad you got it sorted and good for you for staying with it. Sometimes it's just easier to give up. I had a long drawn out saga many years ago with an education authority. Eventually the ombudsman 'card' saw the result going nicely in my favour.
  18. Alan, reversing into a parked Esprit is very easily done you know. I managed to reverse my Hyundai biscuit tin through the garage door into the S4.....not one of my better moments I'm wondering if it's just a girl thing......
  19. Islandbloke.....absolutely not offended I'd be sure to let you know if I was! ;-)
  20. WOW Wonderful! Always fancied doing that!
  21. Kylie....wrists are a little better but I am having to really watch the time I spend at the PC.....definitely makes it worse. Nope, last went out in the Esprit October 31st. She is now all covered up, on a trickle charger and the heating is switched on in the garage. She's off roaded from beginning of November to beginning of April. I know, there is talk from time to time on here about ''it's a car, just drive it''. Not an opinion I share; we lost the S4 this time of year on wet leafy roads, the police said it was a miracle JBF was not killed. I have taken the current Esprit out late one November and the back end fish tailed too many times for my taste. The roads around here are just not good and I don't think it's worth the risk. Sure, others won't agree!
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