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  1. Well that's certainly food for pun intended!!
  2. That is quite remarkable, and some people are just built that way. I have to say, when I was big, it used to really piss me off when a slim or slimmer person had a go about my dietary choices. Quite often these would be people who were fortunate not to have to worry about what they ate or drank, or smoked. Live badly long enough, and it will catch up with you. I think what I am trying to say without wanting to cause any offence, is that a slim person is not necessarily a healthy one.. I share a house with someone who is slim, permanantly so, but has a pretty poor diet to say the least.
  3. I could write a book on diets and weightloss, I have most definitely been there, got the T-shirt. What pisses me of most about the dieting industry, is that it bangs on about diets. And, that there is very little on weight maintenance. Just one bloody miracle diet after another. My main dieting tip? DON'T GO ON A DIET. Change your lifestyle and stick to it. I agree with Laura, it's working out what works for you. Atkins way of life works for her, it did not work for me. After years of trial and error I also figured out what worked and works for me, and I lost fourteen and a half stones. And, I have kept it off, now a svelte 8-10. Last year I took up running and earlier this year I completed my first half marathon. Next tip.... If you don't pick it up it can't happen. And....stay out of the kitchen!
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sorry mine is also late...not long out of hospital. Sounds like you had a great birthday.
  5. Been here several times! You can specifically request a low-low loader, which in experience has a kinder and longer gradient, and the nose has not scraped with these. I can recall a regular one arriving on one occasion, only to have the driver call out for the lower another few hours waiting for that one to arrive. On another occasion, there was some improvisation with a regular loader, using planks of wood positioned so that the nose was raised just enough. On a memorable Top Gear in Paris, the guys had to improvise with planks of wood to get their cars out of a multi storey, as the noses on the cars would have scraped otherwise. Watch this clip from around 3:18
  6. Second time I have seen you in this area this week! Spotted this morning at 7.05, turning LEFt out of Lockram Lane, Goddards Green/Burghfield Common. Still could not catch a really good look at you, might be a V8, but in white...that would be quite rare? Sorry Bibs, I have not yet mastered the art of handing out LEF cards whilst driving!
  7. Dohhhhhh. I'm still pondering the extension business!!!!
  8. THey don't advertise that!!!
  9. Genuine advertising board at a neighbour's house. You have to wonder what's involved with the extensions.....!!!!
  10. PMSL I want the video footage of the copper riding it hour FFS!!! Seriously though, if she's deaf, and capable of being half asleep whilst in charge if it, and ending up 5 miles away without knowing how, should she really be in charge of one?
  11. Oh Gawd, not good. Hope you are feeling better soon. Also sounds like you are on a mixed bay, something I still find unbelievable/unacceptable. I seem to have spent more than my fair share of time in hospital. You can guarantee everytime, there is a nutter in there, who makes life hell for the nurses and other patients in general. It's also the lack of sleep thing that got to me last time, and other people's snoring and other bodily noises, well, it's not good. Last year I spent a few days in intensive care with three male patients in the same bay as me. I have never heard complaining and moaning like it, nor rudeness to all staff in general. But better than that, one of them would regularly light up in bed. Oh yes, all his relatives and visitors kept him supplied with fags and lighters. I did at one point ask why he could not be thrown out. Apparantly he would be able to sue the hospital for negligence if they had done so
  12. Hope you had a great birthday Nick.
  13. Bibs! And to be honest, I had no idea what your name was until quite recently. I recall last year posting something to you, and thinking...I have no idea what Bibs' name is, so just put your name as Bibs!
  14. Happy Birthday laura, hope you had a great day. Kylie....excellent selection there! Dodgy....I'm not even over the pond and I'm out of sequence!
  15. Shepherd's pie is not a pie at all, don't really know why it's called a pie. Shepherd's pie should be made from minced lamb, whereas Cottage pie is made from minced beef. Kylie, I made Esprit biscuits a couple of years ago, though I cannot find the picture of it at the moment. They took me quite some time, I engineered an Esprit template for the biscuit dough.
  16. Bonkers! Love it! This made me smile!!
  17. OMG John that's bloody fabulous. And what model of Esprit have we gone for? I based my Esprit biscuit on the S4!! The streamlined nose made it very dunkable into a cup of tea!
  18. Do we get to see pictures? I have to say, I am deeply impressed with yours and Islandbloke's pie making accounts!
  19. all day breakfast pie....OMG, does such a thing exist? We could be on to something here! Can't really compare an all day breakfast pie with an apple I am sat here downing two pints of water in the hope it will make me feel a bit more full; don't like to eat too late. I think Cornish pasties on the whole are more disappointing; they tend to be a bit dry and the meat more scrag end than the good quality slow cooked tender steak that can be found in a pie. Kylie...I think you are drawing reference to the non type of pie that offended me so much, I started this thread. THey are simply NOT pies, but I cannot find anything conclusive on the net to back this up. Yes, clearly my life is now so sad I am resorting to researching pie theories!!! Paul....your veggie pie sounds rather good though I am not a fan of goat's cheese myself. I did however have an extremely nice veggie flavoured pie once....brie, asparagus and mushroom; this had a beautiful flavour but alas, the flaming thing arrived in ceramic dish with lid balanced on top. NOT A PIE, though described as one in the menu. If you live nearish to Basingstoke, my recommendation is for the Manydown farm shop. Their range of pies is quite superb and the steak....tender as and just falls apart. Beef burgundy is one of my favourites there. Paul, perhaps I could bring you a sample from there?
  20. Good grief are you guys on a quest to make me fat or something? First choice...steak and ale Second choice..steak and stilton Third choice...steak and onion Just steak really! Okay, I submit. No flaming will-power. Paul, I accpet your offer
  21. OMG.... that's a fabulous looking pie!
  22. OMG, sounds too good to be true. I am sitting here reading this accompanied by just a bowl of soup. I WANT A PIE!!!
  23. It's been slow for me too last couple of weeks. I just thought it was me having far too much open on my machine...
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