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  1. WTF?????? Perhaps if the Weber was in pink.......
  2. Hi Franky, just to say Hi and welcome! And how lucky you are to live in one of the best cities in the world! I reckon it will be awesome driving around Barcelona in your Esprit.
  3. I've been known to bite, on occasions
  4. Hello Ed! And welcome! I shall be on the lookout for your Lotus......I'm really not so far away in Burghfield Common, Berks. Good luck for Saturday. Sorry Ed I'm being really nosey now.....hey....I'm a woman, it's my job! You mention you are an accomplished musician.....just wondering what field of music you are in
  5. OMG!! Someone who actually remembers Cabanas!! No one ever does. Star bars I have not seen in a while, and I loved those too. And Fuse. An one by Cadbury that was star bar sized, but coated in peanuts all over on the outside. Very chewy in the middle, was wrapped in dark brown plastic-like packaging.
  6. Pacers I adored.....wish they still did them. Also Olde Englishe flavoured spangles.....gorgeous. And a chocolate bar called Cobanna......about the size of a Boost. Soft coconut with cherries, surrounded by caramel and covered in thick milk chocolate. OMG.....DROOL!! They were my favourite.
  7. Katie

    24hrs N

    I had an all expenses paid invite to attend this.....So pissed off I was unable to go. Can you let us know what it was like?
  8. Tentenths........I have the whole thing recorded on SKY. Could put onto a disc if you really want to see it. I thought it was a fantastic GP......the consistency of Lewis Hamilton is unbelievable. How many times was the safety car out.......each time he regained his lead. 170MPH crash was one of the worst I have seen in ages.....only a broken leg. Amazing his neck was'nt broken. When you watch the re-run in slow motion, the sideways yank on his neck is toe curling. What the hell was going on with Alonso repeatedly cutting that bend!!!
  9. We would love to......but Jason does not get back from London 'til at least 7pm week days :-(
  10. Well said. And at the risk of sounding like a stuck up cow, which I don't think I am, I'll add the following.......I don't particularly like buses. My experience (and I used them regulalry as a student of 7 years) is that they are not clean, they smell, they are not reliable.....the excuse 'sorry I'm late but my bus was cancelled' would not hold water with my boss, you have people shouting at the tops of their voices on mobile 'phones about God knows what, loud personal stereo noise, people sitting next to you who look and smell like they could use a good wash. All in all you'd arrive for work feeling less than refreshed. The alternative looks as though it will carry a high price. I was very aware last week of numerous traffic census being conducted in the Reading area, wondered if it might have anything to do with charges being brought in. Also, does anyone know what the charges are likely to be, and the times they might be enforced?
  11. It's without doubt the thin end of a massive wedge. Yet another tax on working people. Where will it stop? This tax makes me really cross, we HAVE to get to and from work. I recently looked into the cost of getting the bus to and from work. Assuming it was running and on time (hmmmmm) it is
  12. Wot, not even if we found you a pink tent and pink sleeping bag Kimbers? Or..... Perhaps even.....
  13. Katie

    London - 2012

    Is that really the best they can come up with??? Something you have to stare at for 10 light years to figure out what it is.....and I'm still not entirely sure. And pink and yellow????
  14. We most definitely do NOT do camping Unless tents are now available with King size beds and fully flushing en suite facilities! But BBQ, beach, beer......
  15. WHAAAAAAT???? 'tis true though!! Caroline, your sculpture with all the hands is fantastic, particularly like the back view of that one. And please, no-one take that last bit of text out of context and use it as a quote next to a Bibs' backside pic!
  16. Resurrecting this thread because I need to replace the wiper on a '98 V8. How fantstic the forum comes with a search facility. I've fitted these on other cars, so I know this is something I can do. Neither of us fitted one on an Esprit before, not a clue which/what/where to buy. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks
  17. Katie

    Lotties Back!

    Looking fantastic, and fingers crossed good weekend weather to catch up on some serious driving. 8 years???? That's a hell of a long time to be without your Esprit. We were without our current one for around 10 months when it went spectacularly wrong.....I had to be virtually surgically removed from it when it finally returned!
  18. Well it defo was'nt me....this time!!!!
  19. We are defo up for a convoy......I still smile everytime I think about being part of an Esprit convoy up to Heythrop! Which junction on the M6 is it? I have found the answer to my own question. Perfect, as Walsall is junction 10!
  20. 1 backmarker V8 ? 2 Mat S2 3 esprit350 S4 4 Dodgy S3t 5 oneshot S350 6 Davebarny S4 7 BigSi S3t ? 8 NoneShallPass SE 9 Gasmangt3 +1 10 Simon GT3(with new suspenders!) i mean suspension...... 11 nicksoldies 9 of 40 12 Stagowner S3t 13 (Oh no! 13?) Ansellb S4 14 JBF & Katie (I will try and make more cakes....any requests?! We'll be visiting JBF's Dad in Walsall the night before so might not be possible.)
  21. Katie

    Cleaning Day!

    Looking FABULOUS!
  22. Happy birthday both of you. Iain, hope you have a cracking drive this evening!
  23. I am convinced Tracey is 'naturally' a man. She (he?) kind of reminds me of a cross between Jimmy Hill and a young Jimmy Saville.
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