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  1. Well summed up Kimbers. As I said, after watching that lot I was ashamed to be female. If they are representative of a cross section of the female race, then I'd say our continued evolution is much doomed. I could say alot more, but I'm not entirely certain how far the swear filter would interject on here!
  2. Hi Dave, and welcome Some lovely pictures you took there at Castle Combe. My Castle COmbe pics are all here in a back to front 'order'
  3. We tuned in, my jaw hit the floor for most of it in disbelief. I'm ashamed to be female.
  4. Katie

    Castle Combe

    That's a great set of pictures, lovely presentation too.
  5. We are both completely sad gits, we watch it and record it!!!
  6. Hey SKY, and welcome. It's well worth while holding out for exactly what you want, even though it will likely take some time. Took us at least two years to find the Esprit we were looking for, after the sad demise of our S4.
  7. Katie

    Castle Combe

    Okay, your resident techno-phobe/bimbo here. I think I have managed to upload all my Castle Combe pictures onto PhotoBucket, and this should be the link....... The order is back to front, but of course! So scroll to page 1 and work backwards to page 3....I know, it's never straight forward with me. Poor JBF, he had hair before I bombed into his life!!!
  8. Good grief, this would seem to be incredibly cheap??? It even has the magnolia interior. But does it have the (elusive?)glass sunroof?
  9. Hi Merlin, yup card received. I am pretty certain we are away on holiday at that time
  10. I'm thinking about that last post!!! And welcome Caroline. Nice choice the Exige, some lovely ones parked up at Castle Combe. I'm more for the Elise myself as I like a top that comes off. Now if they could just stick that air vent somewhere else it'd be perfect.......
  11. Katie

    Castle Combe

    Anyone else take up a hot lap? I think I went in the same Elise as Mat. Fab experience
  12. Great pictures Dr.Fish. How did you find getting your Esprit onto the EuroTunnel? Was it tight/awkward/close shave? I have only one experience of taking a car on the EuroTunnel and remember at the time thinking 'thank God this is not the'd be too wide'. Is there a particular nack do you think, to getting the Esprit on and off?
  13. Katie

    Castle Combe

    Ahhh yes, that would perfectly explain the attempting to sleep in the bolt upright position for the past two nights, owing to torched forehead and scorched bald patch, rendering it too painful to rest even on a soft pillow I have no sympathy.....every flaming year we have this! Now I'll be hoovering up bits of fallen off head for the next few days!!
  14. That's a poignant and moving picture Mat.....all those drum-sticks to the sides of the grave. I too was wondering if you might permit us to hear one of your recordings. As for dreams.....I think we all have them; some attainable and others not so. It's when you stop chasing them it's time to wonder.....
  15. Just wonderful. Someone chuck us the Kleenex!
  16. Katie

    Castle Combe

    Took loads of piccies at what turned out to be a great day out. Here are some of my favs.....
  17. I'm with Jeremy Clarkson in my thinking regarding caravans
  18. Katie

    Castle Combe

    I'm not I still go through the competitor's entrance?
  20. It's most depressing when your Lotus is off the road, even more so when the time seems to go on from one month to the next. I remember our previous one (S4) getting sick, the parts they needed to repair just took months for it to all come together. In October 2005 our current one went spectacularly there any Lotus owner who has not had a lovely afternoon drive out end by seeing their Lotus being taken away on a low-loader?? That's not a good feeling. The bill for the last time was hugely expensive, definitely a down side to having one of these cars. But, surely all of the bad is 100% over-ridden by those moments when you are actually back on the road. Nothing else looks or feels like an Esprit. I think somehow you have to hang on in there, you would likely always regret selling it.
  21. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Batteries are on charge for the camera.....I just have to remember to bring them with me this time!
  22. Menuka Honey strength 10+ and above is becoming much more widely used. I highly recommend it for a sore throat. Good supermarkets and health food shops stock it. Also garlic, vitamin C and loads of fluids, water is best. Or, Shred some fresh ginger, squeeze a few fresh lemons, press some garlic, add soluble paracetamol and a touch of Jack Daniels. Actually, forget all of that waffle and just drink the bottle of JD. You won't be aware of your cold symptons come the morning!
  23. Katie

    Our Leader

    Gave you years of service, is now surplus to requirements and you're gonna show him how it works The mind boggles....and goes off in various directions!!!! Happy birthday Bibs!!
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