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  1. Did anyone happen to see this in a copy of last week's Metro?;in_page_id=2 Kind of odd don't you think, hanging curtains in the nude. And then managing to slip and hit the bullseye with a potato that just happens to be lying around....
  2. Have you checked out with some advice at your local Citizen's Advice Bureau? I have had some really good advice from these people in the past. It does not really matter that the amount is small, it is as you say, the principal involved. If your case is solid (meaning you don't have any worries about affording principles) I'd definitely go for it. I hate being ripped off!
  3. White Esprit Turbo, registration beginning C5, Mortimer train station car park this morning. Hope your car is safe there mate. A word of caution, our Esprit was vandalised at that car park.
  4. Thanks Peter for the advice. I'm tired because I am stressed out...just a bad time I guess. I have not found difficulty in runinng further from one week to the next, in fact, I find myself actually wanting to! I think it's nice to have control over something when there are other areas of your life you can do sod all about and frankly, feel as though you are banging your head against a brick wall. I'm very committed to it, and have been out even when it's pissing down. Though weather like yesterday is more enjoyable, nice to feel the sunshine whilst running through leafy lanes. It does not matter whether I run 2k, 5k, 10k...whatever. I never feel great afterwards. THough I have never exercised particularly in my life before, so perhaps my body is wondering what the hell is going on! As I said, it might be a time of year thing, and definitely that I am tired out from stress, and really have not slept properly for months now; again I think that is reaction to stress. It's not forever, and I keep telling myself that, and doing positive things.
  5. I took up running in the past month. Today I ran seven miles but have yet to experience that feel good euphoria that people speak of after exercise! I don't feel anything except tired. I'm beginning to wonder if my brain has just shut down from all the recent stress.
  6. Dodgy, how long will you be out there for? Are you looking to be out there permanently?
  7. I'll be sure to check 'em out. I'll be in Calgary and Vancouver 2010!
  8. All the best to you and for your Dad. And just to echo Alan, don't even think of retiring until after the launch of the new Esprit!!
  9. Too right Laura, you have to play the cards you are dealt, my Dad used to say that and it's true. I have to say I am going through the worst time of my life ever, it's about as bad as it has ever got, won't moan on about the details. I am just clinging to belief that it's not forever, I shall emerge from the other side, and in time, look back on it and think....yup that was mega crap but you got through it, and feel stronger for it.
  10. I am a dark chocolate fan. I had a quick look around the site, it's kind of trying to be like Hotel Chocolate, but not quite getting there, IMO. Incidently, Hotel Chocolate usually have free chocolate tasting of something yummy. Their 50% coco milk chocolate is gorgeous. But my fav is the dark chocolate with ginger. Their white chocolate mint puddles are also divine. They are a bit on the pricey side, and the shops feel almost like a religion! But a religion dedicated to that can't be a bad thing
  11. What other alternatives to ebay can any of you recommend?
  12. Only 201 km/h??? Don't they have balls in Canada or something!!!
  13. Wow what fabulous pictures from everyone, so many Esprits there, was this a record number of them at an event? So many from abroard have made the effort to come over. Looks like a fantastic day; really really hope to be able to get to the next event....any ideas planned for what and when?!
  14. Awe have an awesome time Dave, and post us some pics once you are there!
  15. The nearest city to me is Reading, I live about 9 miles out of it. But even here, there are the local youths who repeatedly smash up the old 'phone box and loiter around street corners. There are also burglaries and the local pharmacies have been targetted many times. Actions should have consequences, severe ones. Of course, in the now soft society we live in, that will never happen.
  16. Keep em coming, venue looks awesome. I am so pissed off I could not be there.
  17. Sorry Bibs....Windows as in Microsoft Windows!
  18. Dmaned if he did and damned if he did'nt ...let him pass. Complete farce. Some serious Ferrari arse licking going on.
  19. As well as bad coffee.... Crap biased F1 decisions Bad manners Body odour Rudeness Poor service Windows Queue jumpers People who don't follow through what they have specifically said they will do Late trains,planes The journey to really sucks Cobwebs and dust Wasps Moths Ironing Shitty English weather People who say sorry and actually don't mean a word of it
  20. Roger you are SO right. Coffee is virtually my religion, and I find it VERY difficult to get a decent cup. Can't agree with you about Starbucks though. My favourite would have to be AMT, they are found at train stations, airports etc. Coincidentally Mr. AMT was the previous owner of our Esprit! At home I use Illy, or Taylor's decaf if it's near bedtime. Worst coffee awards have to go to Costa and Ritazza I ordered a coffee at the Heythrop event from the bar. It was so foul I returned it for a refund!
  21. I prefer the olden days of ebay. It's now a buyer's market, as it's so overs-saturated, things rarely sell as well as they used to. I also hate the score rating systemavailable for buyers, it is quite pointless in establishing any level of accuracy. Removing negative feedback leaving for sellers also grates a bit. As I said, now very much a buyer's market Although I'm sure its creators are laughing all the way to the bank!
  22. So sorry not to be going, last years was wonderful....other than the Wensum! Things are a bit pear shaped here. Hope the weekend is a blast. Look forward to seeing pictures.x
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