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  1. Mike this is dreadful, I hope Claudia is not too traumatised. Have you asked the school's head-teacher or director of pastoral care(if they have one) exactly what their criteria is for dealing with students who behave in this unacceptable manner? It is also dreadful you were not contacted as soon as the incident had happened. Your daughter may have had delayed concussion for all they knew. I don't think the school's response to this incident as you report it is good enough. I'd definitely be persuing some answers.
  2. OMG Walked away?? You sure he did'nt have to absail?
  3. I am currently listening to a 'phone in online, discussing of course petrol prices. It has just been suggested that fuel may reach
  4. Yay!! Well done to you Laura.
  5. OMG Graham, your car looks amazing. What have you used to get that shine/finish?
  6. That would be JBF you saw, and yes, V8 '98. Always up for a hoon! Will send a PM!
  7. I think this car might also have been on display at the factory day celebrations last year.
  8. I'm sure there was something on here a while back because I remember sending a question to Bibs about it. Anyway, good to have a reminder, I have just bought some tickets. Will you be there Dodgy?
  9. 3.15 -ish Spotted you AGAIN on the Grazeley Green road, thanks for the wave!
  10. Don't you know DIY stands for Don't Involve Yourself ??? Call a plumber. The one and only time Jas had ago at DIY plumbing, there was a scene in the airing cupboard of epic proportions.
  11. Ahhhhhhhhhh Congratulations to both of you.
  12. I'd like to see pictures of the new Esprit about to grace your garage.......
  13. Have really enjoyed looking at all the pictures, looks like it was another great day out, gutted I missed it. I am finally out of hospital and hoping to make Heythrop. Thanks a million Bigsi for taking Jas out in your car, he was chuffed about that!
  14. FFS....whatever next? I'm wondering if it's easier for a woman to have sex with a car....
  15. Happy Birthday Kylie! Hope you have a great day
  16. Congrats Ian, what a fab choice you have made.....but I would say that! Cream interior too, lovely combination. Hope it's up and running soon. I had a great hoon at the weekend, you just can't beat it. I still smile broardly after more than three years of V8-ing! Do you keep having to go into the garage, repeatedly, just to look at it?
  17. Happy birthday to both of you......mmmmmm pizza!!
  18. SCCDA0824WHC15476 1998 V8 Azure Blue Berkshire, UK
  19. I hesitated in saying anything derogatory; I'm just surprised someone is taking such a specialised car as an Esprit there.
  20. I know that garage Eddie. Do they have a 'specialist' there?
  21. Katie

    A sad day

    Oh Phil, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Sounds like you have lots of great memories of a special and talented Dad. [[[big hugs]]] Katie
  22. Yup, we've had ours out today as well, and flaming lovely it was too!!
  23. Happy Birthday Wendy
  24. I'm glad it's not just women who run out of petrol....
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